Easy ways to keep your team in the know

We believe in the transformative power of education.

Learning drives the entire team here at organicspa. Whether it’s our chemists who research new ingredients resulting in powerful formulas or our customer service team who find new ways to efficiently reach you. Education and continuous growth underpin our core values. Here’s how we support our stockists with in house and online training.

We are very proud to offer our partners a diverse education support program. We do this because we know that the best way for us to grow, is to share our knowledge and grow with our number one ambassadors, our stockists.

What kind of things are we learning about?

  • Latest ingredient technology
  • Product knowledge
  • Facial treatment protocols
  • Social media assistance to promote special offers
  • Business support
  • Promotions/offers and how to execute these


In what forms can training take place?

Everyone learns differently. Some people learn visually, other’s by doing and some have no trouble learning in any way. Give them a blank page and a goal, and they’ll get it! If, like me, you require more guidance, we’re here to offer just that. It’s essential for us to provide both face-to-face learning opportunities and remote forms of education to our beauty therapists.

Here are some examples of how we deliver our education support program

  • Online learning platform – visual and auditory aids, learners can partake in quizzes after watching product knowledge videos and download learning materials.
  • Training manuals – self-paced education, use of booklets that cover all aspects of the organicspa brand, product knowledge and treatments
  • Face-to-face training sessions – our experienced team provide a hands-on learning experience at your salon or spa
  • Zoom and phone training - These are fantastic ways to keep in touch with everything organicspa. Perfect for remote areas, follow up after training and/or business meetings and are very popular and effective.

Our diverse education support program ensures we satisfy different learning styles and paces. We cover varied support needs and include visual, kinesthetic and auditory ways to deliver training materials.

A trio of talented and passionate skincare industry professionals (AKA Account Managers) work alongside our stockists to ensure all teams are always up to date.


How can training benefit my business?

By providing knowledge about our brand, products and treatments, teams are competent to share skincare advice with their clientele and perform treatments with confidence.

  • Brand knowledge will ensure each team member can pass organicspa facts onto their clients. Many people are educated on what they want and don’t want in their skincare range, so letting them know organicspa is based, manufactured and even imagined in the pristine surrounds of Northern NSW is a great comfort to anyone who supports Australian made products. Plus, our no chemical formulations, sustainable packaging, high actives and no dilution of active ingredients with filler ingredients means we have a lot to share about what makes us unique. This all forms part of meeting client objectives.
  • Product knowledge covers the what, why, how and when of the homecare and salon skincare ranges. Including which serums and booster products give the quickest results, what latest ingredient technology we’ve used, and how to recommend products and methods for a skin type and condition.
  • Treatment guidance and training provide the practical elements of performing the correct and most beneficial protocols for organicspa facial treatments. The particular focus is on advanced/high-performance treatments using salon professional masks and peels.

Each business is unique. That’s why we support you with a personalised approach. Perhaps your team is not confident with recommending a product or maybe they struggle to book a treatment, so we can base a session around building this confidence through different forms of education.

What if we don’t have time for training?

This is flexible. Often, training can be split into a few sessions to suit the needs and timeframes of the business and the facilitator. We can do this by providing the initial brand and product knowledge session via zoom, and the follow up practical can be face-to-face.

We have seen the proof that regular training/education/updates are a contributing factor in building successful businesses.

Are there resources I can give to my team to facilitate the training?

We provide all our partners with learning materials such as training manuals, sample products, social media access to the organicspa community Facebook page, which is dedicated to beauty therapists and partners, images and menu wording to assist in building their brand/ business social media and websites

How much does training cost?

  • When you join the organicspa network as an authorised stockist, all training/updates/visits/support are included as part of the partnership.

  • Last year during COVID, we created and launched an online learning platform. (There is a small one-off fee for this.) This platform allows the salon teams to participate at any time they choose. This platform includes product videos, quizzes and FAQ.

Part of the online learning platform is that we have provided materials to download such as a training manual, workbook and an ingredient glossary.

Education is filtered through our salon partners plus we also provide our end customer plenty of opportunities to learn about our Australian, Certified Organic salon professional products and treatments.

So whether you're perusing our website and discovering natural ways to care for your own skin or looking to enhance your team's knowledge, we’d love to hear from you. 

If you’re already in partnership with us, please reach out to your Account Manager who will be able to facilitate exciting new learning opportunities. 

If you’re interested in becoming part of the organicspa network of stockists, please complete our enquiry form, and our team will be in touch.

organicspa embodies two focused beliefs:
"luxury can be provided through nature" and all products should abide by "truth within labelling"