Organic and sustainability go hand in hand. Organic skincare is not just about reducing the chemicals, pesticides, and harmful ingredients we put onto (into) our bodies. Now more than ever, it's also about looking after our environment, the world we live in and its social structures. 

As such, at organicspa, we have always been socially, sustainably and environmentally focused. Treading lightly, to us, means the world has an effective and safe skincare range that is crafted in such a way that looks after its soil, waterways, farmers and makers. This is our commitment to our planet and you.

We are not perfect. We are on a journey every day, ensuring our footsteps are fleeting and our impact is good. Here are some of the ways we achieve this;

Certified Organic and responsibly sourced ingredients
We carefully obtain our ingredients from sustainable sources and encourage more organic farming practices.  

Championing local and Fair Trade
We support local suppliers and farms wherever possible. This means we are contributing to our local economy and reducing our transport emissions. When we do look further afield, we strive to partner with those committed to Fair Trade.

We formulate and manufacture without harm
We are proudly accredited by Choose Cruelty Free, The UK Vegan Society and make a stand against Animal Testing of any kind.

We manufacture via the sun
Our dedication to sustainable production practices means both our factories and machines are almost entirely run on solar power. So we give thanks to Mother Earth for the Northern River’s sunshine!

Responsibly sourced packaging
Our skincare tubes contain an enzyme that helps them biodegrade, irrespective of where they are disposed of. This means they break down, even when tossed into landfill.

When it comes to our skincare bottles, we are proudly making waves to reduce plastic pollution by offsetting each bottle at a ratio of 1:1 with waste recovered from the Earth’s waterways (oceans and rivers). We are currently in partnership with the ReSea Project and their Ocean Waste Plastic initiative, helping to make a difference towards a cleaner planet and a plastic-free ocean.

Paper products and packaging used at organicspa are recycled or offered to local communities to serve another life in schools, daycare centres and the like.

Our packing fill is, in fact, made from cornstarch, meaning they dissolve in water and leave no harmful residue.  

Supporting ocean innovation and action for a greener future - We have a strong focus now and in the future on championing ocean protection and restoration. The ocean, after all, is such a valued treasure of our own backyard, and its health is so vital to an ever-growing environmental problem.

We actively seek ways to support the health of our oceans; 

  • Through ocean waste cleanups, both large scale (i.e. ReSea, as above) and local (Take 3 for the Sea, ocean cleanups in our own backyard) - support the removal and repurposing of plastic, otherwise left floating in waterways.
  • By making regular donations to help protect and restore waterways.  Such as the Great Barrier Reef through the Australian Marine Conservation Society.
  • Our entire range is Certified Organic and free from harmful toxins.  This means all our products are ocean-friendly.  For example, we use rice grains instead of micro-beads and natural preservatives in lieu of parabens.  Naturally, no nasties not only means best for you and your skin but also our sea life and its ecosystems.

We have been recognised as members and award winners of the NSW Sustainability Program.

We will continue to look for new ways to utilise sustainable packaging solutions, all while maintaining the safety and integrity of our skincare. We balance safety, effectiveness and sustainability for the ultimate Certified Organic skincare solution.

As a Certified Organic skincare brand, we pioneer nature’s preservation - formulating products free from chemical preservatives. Our natural preservative systems protect you and your products from contamination of bacteria, fungus and harmful microorganisms, but only when paired with safe packaging solutions. Our focus is on keeping our products safe and hygienic for you while ensuring we stay true to our commitment to tread lightly.

We can always do better, and we are dedicated to doing so. Join us on this journey.