We believe in the power of Certified Organic ingredients, selected and artfully blended, to deliver optimum results to the skin.  

Let us nurture your skin with a luxurious organicspa treatment designed to reach your skin aspirations. Our salon range is exclusively available to accredited salons and spas. And it is in the treatment room, that our therapists will indulge you with our most potent formulations for accelerated results. Our signature treatments use the highest doses of natural actives in formulations only available in salon.

Your skin expert will then be able to prescribe an at-home skincare regime to further enhance your results, helping to maintain your complexion and your wellbeing between salon visits. 

Indulge yourself in the complete organicspa experience today.


Signature Facial Treatments

multi-detox clay treatment

The high potency multi-clay mask is formulated to promote cell renewal, improve epidermal texture and detoxify the skin. Blended with Kaolin and Bentonite, this treatment is activated in the treatment room, delivering ingredients deep into the dermis in their freshest state. This salon-exclusive will help restore moisture, smoothing away fine lines resulting in a visibly brighter, healthier, firmer complexion.

age vita-renewal treatment

This intense, gel-based treatment is formulated in two parts and is only available to approved spas and salons. Complete with a high concentration of Vitamin C and E, this exclusive treatment will brighten and rejuvenate the skin while helping to reduce the visible signs of ageing. Infused with Green Tea Powder to boost antioxidant properties, Age Vita-renewal will help to neutralise the effects of free radicals and lessen the impact of environmental damage. Giving skin of all ages a more youthful radiance

bio-hydra moisture infusion

A transformative, hydrating wood-pulp fibre mask infused with Hyaluronic Acid and a unique formula of plant extracts to replenish thirsty skin. This moisture-locking treatment will also soothe, plump and illuminate the complexion. Perfect for combatting dehydrated skin and delivering noticeable results quickly.

AHA rejuvenate peel

With a potent blend of active ingredients, this gel-based treatment provides intense support for cellular regeneration. Used as a standalone treatment or supplementary to an organicspa facial, this formulation combines botanical-based AHA’s and enzymes with Aloe Vera and Olive Leaf Extract to soothe and calm the skin without compromising its potency. This bio-active peel is suitable for most skin types to help improve elasticity and refine and rejuvenate the skin without the use of synthetic chemicals.

renew & resurface

The Lactic+ enzyme compound combines pure lactic powder with enzyme-rich and potent, dehydrated organic fruit powders. This complimentary blend delivers a powerful boost to our existing AHA rejuvenate peel and was curated with a more mature skin in mind. As it is applied to the skin, the lactic+ enzyme formulation will help increase cell turnover and smooth and resurface the skin while improving hydration levels.

radiate & renew

The bio-active AHA peel in this treatment will rejuvenate the skin thanks to a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants. Combined with a Gua Sha stone massage, this salon treatment will lift and tone the skin while increasing blood circulation. Since Gua Sha has a strong detoxification effect on the skin, it will visibly enhance the treatment resulting in a younger-looking, more radiant complexion.

nourishing & nurture 

A rich and intensely hydrating facial treatment packed with Vitamins A, C, D and E. We combine our unique products and practices to recover luminosity and replenish lost moisture to the skin. Our distinctive massage techniques leave clients feeling nurtured while our Certified Organic formulas nourish the skin. Perfect for those with normal or dry skin who want to repair and rejuvenate the complexion. 

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Signature Body Treatments

exfoliating body treatment

The body will be polished to perfection with this infusion of Salt Crystals and oil, aiding in removing dead skin cells and improving circulation. In addition, this treatment includes an indulgent massage with body butter to replenish and renew the skin.

nourish & nurture cocoon

Combining rich oils and butters, this silky, creamy mask infusion will ensure the skin is left nourished, rejuvenated and velvety soft. A formula with intense nourishing and hydrating ingredients of Vitamin E, rich nut oils and antioxidants. A luxurious treatment that will leave your clients' skin radiant.

organic enzyme wrap

A creamy enzymatic formula that offers an indulgent and nourishing treat for the body. Our bio-chemists have combined BHA's mobilising properties with Salicylic Acid's natural exfoliant qualities for an intense yet gentle exfoliant for the skin. Full of superfoods and rich butters, this body treatment will nourish with an abundance of fatty acids and vitamins, leaving the skin soft, resurfaced and glowing.

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