Meet Beauty By Nature

Introducing Beauty By Nature, one of our fabulous organicspa partners in Peakhurst, & one of our 2017 Award Winning Salons. Beauty by Nature is the ultimate escape to a new you. With many years of experience in the industry, Mel and Jane are sole proprietors and will cater to your individual needs.

Tell us a bit about Beauty By Nature. What inspired you to open your salon? Mum (Jane) and I purchased Beauty by Nature as an existing salon. The previous owner had really done the hard work for us in sourcing Organic Spa as their one and only skincare line. Since purchasing the salon in September 2010, we have made it our salon mission to stock and sell all  (with the exception of one brand) Australian Made and Owned products. We have also made it our mission to try and keep the salon as organic as possible and with the help of Organic Spa we are able to achieve that.

Why do you use and recommend organicspaSo………….to be honest…….i needed a little convincing to keep Organic Spa! When we first took over the salon I had an appointment with our Organic Spa Brand Representative. I told her that I wasn’t overly interested in the brand as I wasn’t a big “believer” in organic products. My understanding was that they didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t work! How wrong was I! This woman had patience….and she asked me to give her one chance….once change to prove that they would work. I gave her that one chance and she gave me a Vitamin C Facial (Age Vita Renewal Facial).  HOLY MOLY was I IMPRESSED! firstly I apologised to her for being so narrow-minded and secondly, I asked her to sign us up as a new account….that facial had won me over!

I now know that Organic Spa is an amazing skin care line that not only nourishes clients skin but improves it!

Tell us about your favourite organicspa treatment/product. My favourite treatment……….Of course, it has to be the Age Vita Renewal Facial. My favourite product? Beauty Balm – Medium. I LOVE this product as it has a light coverage to even out my skin tone. It contains natural sun filters to help protect me from the sun. With added Vitamin C and Jojoba oil, my skin feels and looks great all day.

Could you share with us some of your organicspa Tips & Tricks?

-I like to mix a little of my Toner with my Gel Mask. This will stop the mask from setting. Wear it to bed and you will have beautiful soft, nourished, hydrated skin in the morning.
-Use Clay Mask on pimples overnight to take out the redness.
-For a heavier coverage, I use a sponge to apply my Beauty Balm in two thin layers.
-Are you lazy with your skincare? keep your cleanser and exfoliant in the shower. Cleanse your face as soon as you get in the shower.
-Do you always “forget” to exfoliate? Exfoliate when you wash your hair! While your conditioner is doing its thing…exfoliate!

What is your advice for healthy and beautiful skin? Invest! Your face is your business card, it will always be with you so why not take care of it? Invest in a good skincare range… Organic Spa! AND USE IT! Have regular facials, drink plenty of water and be KIND TO YOURSELF.

What exciting ventures do you have planned for 2018? We want to make a good name for ourselves. We want to be known as the “Australian Made and Owned” salon in the area. We want to have a full diary. But most of all we want our clients to be happy and healthy and to spread the great word about Beauty by Nature and Organic Spa.