Organicspa & the art of Body Loving

We are all so vigilant with our facial skincare regime and invest in it regularly, but chances are we are neglecting the skin on the rest of our body.

Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body & our largest organ. It’s our first line of defence against disease & infection. The skin helps protect us from toxins but it can also absorb up to 60% of what we put on it. Other than vast amounts of water and a kiss of the sun, we need to protect and look after it, as much as our face.

That’s why we believe that organic body products and treatments should be one of the first things to swap when wanting to reduce your toxic overload.

Many of us suffer from dry, scaly, bumpy skin on our bodies yet few of us do anything about it. A simple at home treatment or a visit to the spa can increase endorphins, body glow & change your mindset. Simply incorporating body care into your weekly or everyday routine will make a noticeable difference to the appearance of the skin.

Want to transport yourself to a world of relaxation then a monthly visit to one of our spa stockist will show you that our body treatments are all about detoxing, nourishing & making your skin glow!

We have three speciality treatments which can be tailored to your skin condition or chosen based on your desired treatment outcome. Ask our wonderful stockist’s on what amazing body treatment’s they would recommend for you.

For home care, we believe that once your skin is warm from the heat of the shower, this is the perfect time to wash & exfoliate your body with ( OS Body Wash OS Body Salt Scrub). Gentle circular motions all over your body will do the trick & effectively remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and assist in ingrown hairs. Your skin will noticeably be smoother straight away. After the shower, whilst your skin is dry yet still warm, this is the ideal time to apply your (OS Body Butter, OS Nourish Oil or OS Body Moisturiser), based on your skin type. Doing this regularly will ensure your skin remains supple, smooth & supported.

Your skin will feel beautiful & thank you for it!

Carly Bennett

National Sales Manager