Prepare for some Winter Self-care

In our part of the world, until last week, some days have still felt like Summer here – but the morning dew on the grass and chill in the air first thing was a gentle reminder that, naturally, Winter is on its way.  Then just as the weekend rolled in, so too it felt like Winter had arrived!  The opportunity to embrace a change in seasons is reinvigorating.  A chance to enjoy new daily or weekly rituals that are compatible with cooler (in some cases, wetter) and darker days.

Think about all those things you love about Winter, perhaps;

– comforting, warm and nourishing foods (great for our overall Qi according to Eastern Medicine) – soups!

– a roaring fire

– hot chocolate

– woollen socks

– a whole new wardrobe (winter boots anyone!?)

– snuggling up in bed for early nights

– and indeed cradling a lovely full-bodied red.

The cooler weather is inherently slower.  Somehow it is easier to give ourselves permission to slow down and take extra care in Winter. There is something specially comforting about this change in seasons, and we all need a little comfort right now.  We are excited that soon it is time to hibernate and let our bodies regenerate.

Dry, itchy, scaly skin is a regular complaint in cooler months.  What we do to offset the drop in temperatures – roaring fires, long hot showers, central heating – all wreaks havoc on the skin.  Moisture is removed from both the air and your skin’s epidermis, thereby stripping your body of its natural oils.

While visiting your local salon for an indulgent body treatment is off the cards at this time, it is very easy to treat your body with some stay-in body treatments to ensure you are approaching Winter with your skin in optimum shape.  It is time to establish new rituals to continue throughout the coldest of months and honour your body in this recharging season.  Indeed it is time to Prepare for some Winter Self-care.

First, think about how you can make this weekly ritual most special.  Light a candle, choose some relaxing tunes and give yourself permission to sink into this moment, knowing the opportunity to pause and indulge in some at-home body care is a ritual you thoroughly deserve.  Take the time to indulge in organicspa’s body treats – the perfect Certified Organic products to nourish and restore;

Body Salt Scrub will gently polish the skin to perfection.  A unique infusion of salt crystals and macadamia seeds, this scrub will improve circulation and remove dead skin cells.  The inclusion of coffee seed particles for their antioxidant properties and coconut oil to lock in moisture, this is a delicious sensory experience and a welcome addition to a weekly bathing ritual.

Body Butter will nourish the driest of skins.  This pure plant butter will deeply penetrate the skin’s surface to lock in moisture. The ideal time to apply is just after a shower or bath when your skin is still warm and stimulated.

Nourish Oil is a versatile moisturising alternative to rejuvenate the skin.  A formula packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids, this lightweight oil will offer body nourishment for those who prefer the application of an oil moisturiser and the resulting sheen on the skin.  A wonderful treatment for your hair also.

Hand Cream is always a must, every day.  The organicspa hand cream blends a number of oils, seed butters and vitamins to nourish and repair the hands.  Use daily to keep hands moisturised and protected from environmental factors (and excess Covid-19 hand washing!).

Soothe Balm – finally using soothe balm to restore the lip’s lost moisture at this time will add an extra layer of protection.  Moisturise into the cuticles for additional nourishment.

Finish your ritual by relaxing with a good book or immerse into a meditation and stretch this ‘me-time moment’ out a little longer.

Enjoy x