Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage

Rose Quartz is commonly referred to as the ‘love stone’ and this Rose Quartz Gua Sha massage certainly is an opportunity for some love and the ultimate self care for your skin.

The Rose Quartz Gua Sha is used to lift and tone the skin, increasing blood circulation and helps you to target problem lines and wrinkles.  The Gua Sha is stroked across the face towards the temporomandibular joint (in front of the ear canal) and in the process increases lymphatic drainage, having a strong detoxification effect on the skin.

Below are simple steps to perform a Gua Sha stone massage at home.  For maximum results integrate into your skincare for a few minutes daily.  Or take your time and combine a more comprehensive massage into your weekly Stay-in Skin treatment ritual. Your complexion will love you.


Rose Quartz Gua Sha FACIAL MASSAGE


Benefits of Gua Sha massage: helps to firm the skin, smooth fine lines and relieve facial tension. 

To begin with gently massage a small amount of oil/serum onto your face to avoid drag.  We recommend biohydra + serum or rosehip oil for a nutritious hydrating boost. Consistent with Eastern Medicine, start with the right side of your face.

Facial Massage Steps:

1. Place Gua Sha in the middle of the chin, with the indent straddling the jaw line with the stone at 45 degrees. Applying just light pressure sweep the Gua Sha up to the temporomandibular joint (the green spot).  Repeat 6 times.

2. Flip the stone on its largest side at 45 degrees and, starting from the corner of the mouth, continue sweeping the Gua Sha across the face up to the temporomandibular joint.  Repeat 6 times before moving up the face overlapping slightly on your previous stroke.  Move up to just under the orbital bone, repeating each stroke 6 times.

3. Move to the middle of the forehead and with almost no pressure, just the weight of the stone, sweep out towards the side hairline and down to the temporomandibular joint.  Overlapping slightly and moving up the forehead, use the same movement until you have covered the forehead. 

4. Back to the middle of the forehead between the brows, using the Gua Sha with the longest flat side parallel to the eyes sweep up to the hairline, again using barely any pressure.  Repeat 6 times and move across the forehead to the right side of your hairline

5. To assist with lymphatic drainage, start at the temporomandibular joint, apply a little pressure and then sweep the Gua Sha up and over the top of the ear, move around to the back of the ear, down the neck and across the shoulder blade.  Repeat 6 times.

6. Repeat the entire ritual on the left side of your face, starting at the chin.


Enjoy these at home bundles.


Rosehip Oil & Rose Quartz Gua Sha Bundle

BioHydra+ Serum & Rose Quarz Gua Sha Bundle