Spring is here… A guide to re-evaluating your skincare choices

It’s that time of the year that we look forward too. It gets warmer, we hibernate less & we shed the winter apparel and get ready to wear our lighter, less bulky clothes. The same could be said about our skincare choices. During the winter period, our skin dries out, oil production slows down and we dehydrate more easily from air conditioning and heaters. Our skin is often lackluster and our system sluggish. When the fresh buds bloom it is time to reevaluate our skincare for the coming season. A review of your skincare choices is essential at several junctions throughout the year to ensure your routine is still optimal.  Not only change in season will bring about a change in skincare routine but also fluctuating hormones, lifestyle choices, environmental exposure and the like.  Consequently, we recommend a regular skin diagnosis with your beauty therapist. They will be able to evaluate your skin’s present condition and today prescribe the correct skincare moving forward into the warmer months. Let’s in the meantime touch on three key tips to restore glow to your post-winter skin.

~Vitamin C~

Vitamin C is undoubtedly a powerhouse skincare ingredient. As an antioxidant that can assist with free-radical damage, it also helps with our skin’s natural regeneration process, assisting the body to repair damaged skin cells. What’s more, Vitamin C helps to improve collagen synthesis within the skin, in turn, helping to slow down the ageing process. organicspa have three amazing products using Vitamin C as a core active ingredient, helping you to enhance your spring glow.

Vitamin C Serum: AA2G- Ascorbyl Glucoside 2%, enhances collagen production, inhibits melanin synthesis and enhanced radical scavenging. This ingredient is known for its sun protection and age defying benefits.

A.C.E. Serum: This water-based serum deeply penetrates the skin, quickly delivering the benefits of this active, age – defying formula. As well as AA2G (Ascorbyl Glucoside, 2%) A.C.E Serum contains Kakadu Plum – the world’s richest source of Vitamin C. Incredibly this ingredient has 50 times the amount of Vitamin C per 100 grams than oranges.

Skin Brightening CreamAA2G- Ascorbyl Glucoside 2%, the stabilised Vitamin C prevents pigmentation of the skin by suppressing melanin synthesis in melanocytes. It also has the ability to reduce the amount of pre-existing melanin, resulting in a lighter pigmentation of the skin.

~Hyaluronic Acid~

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance found between the skin’s upper and lower layers to keep it hydrated, stable and to encourage cell renewal. Hyaluronic Acid keeps the collagen synthesis up as well as retaining the skin’s moisture. These naturally contribute to anti-ageing benefits for the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is also an antioxidant and helps to naturally protect our skin from the environment, harsh chemicals and sun exposure.
organicspa offer a beautiful serum containing Hyaluronic Acid.

Biohydra+ Serum:As well as Hyaluronic Acid, this product contains PGA- Derived from fermented soya bean, PGA holds 5000 its weight in water. It helps to stop transdermal waterless and increases the skin’s natural moisturising factor. Riberry, Pepperberry & Muntries immediately enhance hydration in the skin by 55%.


Regardless of the season, it’s always imperative to drink a lot of water. You skin is your largest organ, and mostly made up of water. In fact our body is made up of 70% water and we are losing a fair amount every day. Our skin quickly suffers the consequences of this water loss, if we are not diligent in replacing it. But the flip side of this is it is easy to visibly see the benefits of drinking water. Regular hydration will help to remove toxins from the body and aid with vitamin, mineral and nutrient-absorption, leaving you with a glowing, hydrated and replenished complexion.