Talk of the town: Seabuckthorn Fruit Pulp Oil

Talk of the town: Seabuckthorn Fruit Pulp Oil 

This magic-like ingredient is a hot topic in the health and beauty industry; what is it, where is it from, and why is everyone talking about it?

Well, it's a cold press oil, pressed from the fruits of a small shrub with bright orange berries. It goes by the Latin name Hippophae Rhamnoides L., we agree, let's stick with Seabuckthorn. It grows in the Himalayan region of China as well as Russia, Mongolia, Northern Europe, and Canada. We could even be as bold as to say it's the POWERHOUSE of nutrients! Packed with 190 nutrients and minerals in total. Perfect for promoting skin hydration and cell regeneration as it nourishes and repairs.

Its high amount of Vitamins A, E, C and carotenoids deliver a balanced composition of fatty acids, including valuable lycopene as well as omega 3,6,7 and 9. Plus, it has the highest palmitoleic acid content of any vegetable oil. You know where they get that bright orange colour from? It's derived from the 15 plus carotenoids they contain. Seabuckthorn Fruit Pulp Oil contains more than 700 mg of carotenoids in 100g of oil. They serve as skin antioxidants and may protect against UV light.

This oil is exceptionally anti-inflammatory. It is high in complex lipids-Phospholipids and glycolipids, which is perfect for strengthening sensitive skins. I think you can tell, we're fans. 

Used in Chinese medicine for over thousands of years for vitality. In Afghanistan, they eat it as trail food and also drink Seabuckthorn as a tea. In ancient Greece - Seabuckthorn was used to give horses a shiny coat. On my last trip to Greece, it was a popular dried fruit people added to smoothies, cereal etc., for your vitamin boost! These vitamin-rich berries are also used to make juices, jams, liqueurs. 

Using the fruit from this spiny deciduous shrub may benefit your skin by:

  • moisturising
  • supporting improved elasticity
  • helping to reduce inflammation
  • promoting the acceleration of regeneration
  • nourishing the skin
  • stimulating wound healing
  • supporting collagen synthesis
  • acting as a powerful antioxidant

We love this ingredient. We use it in some of our most intensive and nourishing formulations. You can find it in:

  • a.c.e serum
  • eye treat
  • hand cream
  • lactic gel cleanser
  • moisture rich
  • night renewal treatment
  • pro renewal cream

Anna Mavroudis.

Beauty Expert and Account Manager