Changing up your skincare when 'The Change' comes

When women go through menopause (or peri-menopause) their bodies experience various changes. One of the most significant changes is the transformation of their skin.

During menopause, oestrogen levels drop dramatically, which acts as the major catalyst for body, skin, hair and mood disruptions. Along with this we often perspire more, which is our way of cooling off, which can promote a dehydrated complexion.

Additionally, many women experience that their sebum levels, which are the skin’s natural lubricators, slow down in their production so more dryness can become apparent. The cell turnover decreases, resulting in dull-looking skin.

As menopause progresses, the density of the skin layers decreases, making the skin thinner and more susceptible to damage. It becomes more fragile, weaker and possibly sensitised. You may notice more blood vessels and blemishes, and deeper wrinkles.

These menopausal characteristics and changes can occur between your 30s and late 50s.

By nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods and protecting your skin from further damage, you can support cell turnover, helping your skin maintain its radiant and healthy appearance.

Top picks of what to include daily for hormonal changes due to menopause:

Phytoestrogens - include phytoestrogens in your diet, as they mimic the hormone oestrogen and can help to combat some menopausal symptoms. Examples are soybeans, garlic, legumes, nuts, apples, and carrots.

Stay hydrated – water is the ideal way to protect the skin (and all your other body organs) from becoming dehydrated. Drink daily and add into the water fruits like strawberries, cucumber or limes for an extra vitamin and taste hit.

Gentle exercise – as our bone density decreases, stay healthy by choosing a regular exercise that you enjoy to ensure to stay healthy and strong.

Include supplements – check with your medical practitioner first, as you may be low on iron, calcium, magnesium, phytoestrogens and essential vitamins.

Avoid overheating – as often hot flushes come with menopause, choose natural fibres for clothing, avoid foods and drinks that can overstimulate and don’t eat or drink too much caffeine, alcohol, or spices.

What you might have realised is, that the skincare regime you may have lived by before menopause may just not work anymore. Skincare that contains chemicals, water, fillers, preservatives and harsh ingredients can be an extra irritating factor when the skin is going through hormonal changes.

That’s why choosing gentle products that are nutrient-rich and natural or organic will assist in comforting skin, protecting the skin and addressing these skin changes.

organicspa skincare suggestions for hormonal changes due to menopause

Daily skincare:

organicspa cream cleanser

Daily use for all skin types and conditions to remove makeup, deeply cleanse and hydrate skin gently and thoroughly.

organicsceuticals lactic gel cleanser

A brightening and surface exfoliating cleanser that visibly improves skin that is unbalanced, pigmented and dull.

organicspa toning mist

Cools and instantly hydrates skin, a must for delivering antioxidants to the skin during the day over makeup or on clean skin. Perfect to cool skin that is heated due to hot flushes.

organicsceuticals active brightening serum

A lightweight silky textured booster that works to hydrate, brighten and protect skin. Use daily as this contains potent antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental ageing, repair damage and reduce pigmented areas.

organicsceuticals antioxidant face oil

The ultimate luxurious oil that contains a powerhouse of nutrient-rich antioxidants that are essential for skin that is ageing. The secret weapon also contains Bakuchiol which is a non-irritating botanical alternative to Retinol. Deeply nourishes skin, reduces fine lines and pigmentation, and assists with collagen production for firmer skin.

organicsceuticals pro renewal cream

This is a must-have daily product as it is a high-performance firming, protecting and nourishing moisturiser. Reduces wrinkle depth, protects skin from blue light and the environment and is silky soft.


Weekly skincare products: 

organicspa cream mask

If your skin is dull, dry or dehydrated this melt-in mask can be used 2 x a week as an intensive overnight treatment. Replace your usual night cream with this and allow it to nourish and plump skin overnight.

organicsceuticals night renewal treatment

Essential for skin texture changes. This potent resurfacing luxury cream can be used in place of your regular night cream every few months, or a few times per year to boost cell renewal, assist with uneven skin tone and leave skin smoother and fresh, like a mini peel at home. Use 1 bottle at a time starting with 2 x week then build up the application to use every night. Then go back to your regular night cream.

organicsceuticals enzyme microexfoliant

Super gentle and non-granular, so perfect for removing dry, dead skin cells. It is supercharged with papaya fruit enzyme so will work to reduce pigmentation and brighten skin. Use 2 x week.

organicspa rosehip oil

If your skin has become drier or sensitised, the rosehip oil will comfort, nourish and repair skin. Use under moisturiser, mixed in with moisturiser or with cream mask for an intensive treatment.

organicspa blemish control

Due to hormonal imbalances some women suffer breakouts. A tiny drop of this Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil infused cream will gently act as an antibacterial and healing spot control.


Professional Treatment:

An ideal luxury and results driven holistic facial is our radiate & renew treatment. Featuring our natural fruit, sugar & enzyme professional aha peel that gently resurfaces skin to promote collagen, boost radiance and increase cell turnover and a gua sha facial massage. The rose quartz gua sha is key in assisting lymphatic drainage and will assist drainage and contouring the facial features, tones and firm skin tissue, reduce puffiness and fine lines and promote a clear and healthy complexion.

Of course you don't have to use all these products to see fantastic results, these are just some of our favourites to tackle the skin challenges of this time. Talk to your organicspa skin specialist - they will guide you with a prescription for your home care products and treatment plan that is right for you. 


Natalie O’Brien
Skin Expert & Account Manager