A new year. A new focus on wellbeing.

It seems more and more we are exposed to discussions around people feeling not quite themselves, needing some time out, or even being diagnosed with mental fatigue or a mental illness. This is unsurprising given the challenges of the last few years. Some even say mental health is the next pandemic! 

Our wellbeing is paramount and how we feel will affect our behaviour, thoughts and actions. When you are not feeling your best the impact of this can therefore be felt far and wide. 

All of us at times are likely to have felt overwhelmed about all that life throws our way - mentally, physically and emotionally. This journal entry is to say that we see you, and we feel it too. Here, Natalie shares some simple rituals that may assist in keeping your mental health and wellbeing in check.

Meditation and Breathing

Rituals to bring focus to a well mind 

I love rituals and they are the perfect way to form a good habit so let’s look at some daily, weekly & monthly actions that may assist with keeping a well mind.


  • Meditation and breathing

Use the power of breath to calm the mind and our nervous system. Doing this at home on your own may work for you, or alternatively finding a meditation practitioner (often a yoga instructor) that you feel comfortable with often brings a greater sense of accountability. Think of it as bootcamp for the mind. 

  • Adopt a growth mindset

It can be tough but making a conscious effort to remain positive will really make a difference. 

Gandhi had this right; 

"Your beliefs become your thoughts, 

your thoughts become your words, 

your words become your actions, 

your actions become your habits, 

your habits become your values, 

your values become your destiny”.  

My advice? Start each day with a smile.  

  • A boost of Vitamin D 

Walking in the sunshine increases serotonin and helps to focus and bring a sense of calm.

Having lived in Scotland I noticed first hand the effect that limited sunlight had on my mental health. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder brought on by changing seasons and common in Northern European countries where daylight is so sparse.

To this day and even in Australia I find that walking in sunlight daily improves my mood, productivity and overall wellbeing. Ideally get this done early or later in the day.

  • Aromatherapy 

Essential oils (aroma) travel through the nasal cavity and trigger a response in the limbic part of our brain. Different oils can be therapeutic for our wellbeing; helping to calm, awaken, stimulate etc, depending on your drop of choice.  

Diffuse through a diffuser or mix into a carrier oil (like almond, grapeseed or jojoba) and to massage into the skin. Pay particular attention to (raidal) pulse points and temples. Remember to be careful if pregnant or nursing and seek medical advice.  

Don’t substitute pure essential oils for a fragrance or perfume oil as these are synthetic based and do not have the properties of pure essential oils.  

At organicspa we don’t use synthetic perfumes and have products in our range which can be aromatherpeutic.

organicspa toning mist

organicspa toning mist ritual – spritz your face and let the mist absorb into the skin after cleansing or use as an antioxidant rich mist throughout. This will assist skin hydration throughout the day and the zesty aroma you breathe in will help to lift your mood. 

organicsceuticals antioxidant face oil massage - use on damp, clean skin and massage this luxurious antioxidant-rich oil all over your face, neck and decolletage. Or use a rose quartz gua sha tool to gently sculpt the facial contours, increase the blood and lymph circulation for a healthy, glowing and oxygenated skin. Lavender is well known for its calming benefits, paired with Geranium and Sandalwood essential oils this blend will promote relaxation while increasing hydration and restoring luminosity. 


  • Phone a friend 

Sharing your feelings with someone you trust is sometimes a good release and opportunity to shift some of the mental load we carry. 

  • Spending time 

Again, friendships are proven to enrich life and improve mental health, so don’t just pick up the phone - share time with people you love. Consciously or unconsicoulsy many of us increase social interactions to deal with stress. A weekly social outing (could be as simple as a walk or a coffee) will help to stop unhealthy stress coping mechanisms creeping in. And remember texts, email or social media are no substitute for spending time.

Weekly bath to relax the mind and body

  • Soak away some stresses

A weekly bath is a nice way to relax the mind and body. Not just for rubber ducks, and splashing children, the health benefits of a good soak are scientifically proven. Whatsmore it’s a lovely moment of self-care. Include a tub session in your weekly skin rituals. 

  • Screen Free Sundays 

Make an effort to step away from screens once a week. You’ll feel good, trust me. And it might help you curb the habit of picking up your phone/tablet mindlessly throughout the week. 

Monthly / Whenever you can

  • Plant a tree 

This is a positive for our environment plus you are outdoors doing something valuable and spending time in nature can be relaxing and can distract us from any negativity. 

  • Tap into ancient wisdom
  • I have started learning the practise of Reiki - a spiritual, energetic healing that has no contraindications and some incredible benefits.

    Performed either in person or at a distance, this chakra-based healing modality can assist with stress relief, muscular tension, the release of mental blocks, calming of the body and mind, assisting with better sleep patterns, mood boosting and more. 

    It sounds ‘new age’ but is deep seated in ancient Japanese culture, and well worth exploring as a complementary treatment.

    • Declutter 

    Ridding our spaces of excess stuff can benefit our mental health, helping to create a sense of being calmer, happier, and more in control. A tidier space can make for a more relaxed mind, sharper focus and better productivity. Make it part of your monthly rituals. Your daily contribution to this is to make your bed - every morning!

    organicspa facials and massages

    • Facials and massage

    Time out for yourself to breathe and reduce muscle fatigue.  A wonderful way to assist all our body systems to function better is to have a professional massage regularly.

    Facials and massage can reduce stress or triggers as they can encourage us to breathe ‘better’. Many of our specialist salons offer remedial massage too. Find an organicspa partner salon near you.  If you are looking for a facial with holistic benefits then ask about our radiate and renew treatment.

    Look after you. Now, go for a walk.

    Natalie O’Brien
    Beauty Expert & Account Manager