How to meet your skin aspirations, naturally

Choosing a facial treatment can be like choosing a meal from a menu at a restaurant. All on offer sounds divine and often it is overwhelming. At a restaurant we mostly listen to our gut - choosing a meal to satisfy what our body is calling for.

When it comes to facials, a little like food cravings, your skin will be calling out for what it needs. The challenge is to observe, listen and follow the guidance of a skin expert. Know too that your skin’s needs will change season to season, and as we age, change our living conditions or diet etc.

All organicspa facial treatments are relaxing and nurturing, so either way you are going to have an indulgent and restorative experience. And with expertly blended formulas, our Certified Organic signature facials will deliver immediate results, naturally.

organicspa Facial Treatments

Formulated to deliver and prescribed by experts

Our biochemists work with the most potent ingredients to create formulas that deliver visible results to your skin. Here are some of the hero ingredients you should look out for in natural skin treatments:

  • Lactic Acid
  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Seabuckthorn Fruit Pulp Oil
  • Green Tea
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Papaya Fruit Enzyme

Our selection of high-performance facials are salon professional, which means the ingredients are high in concentration, and can only be performed by a qualified beauty/skin therapist. Your skin expert will mix the formulas during your facial (so they are fresh and potent) and select these according to the demands of your skin (at that time) and results you are after.

organicspa relaxing facial treatments

Something for everyone

While your therapist will prescribe the organicspa facial treatment right for your skin and your goals, know that no matter your current skin challenge we’ve got you covered.

The main reason why facial menus can be overwhelming or confusing is because very often our skin demands more than one thing. Or we’re confused by the difference between our skin type and its current condition, and what that means to our treatment plan.

Consider these scenarios:

You may have an oily complexion but also dehydration so you need a treatment that is balancing, our multi detox balance & repair facial will sort this out in no time. Combining Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Bentonite Clay, this facial will deliver results to all skin types and conditions. Your therapist is likely to recommend this treatment if you have sensitised, irritated skin, rosacea, acne or a complexion that needs a little re-balancing.

Your skin may be mature, a little dry, and also you would like a more even skin tone as you have some pigmentation, this is a common concern for many clients. Our age vita - renewal treatment has got this covered. This treatment packs a punch of vitamins and antioxidants, including Vitamin C for brightening a dull, pigmented skin and will firm and strengthen a mature skin.

If you are after that “glow” or have skin prone to dullness and dehydration our bio-hydra moisture infusion facial will plump, hydrate and ensure you leave the salon luminous! A luxurious sheet mask infused with Hyaluronic Acid that soaks deep and quenches the thirstiest of skins. Perfect to plump and hydrate the complexion and ideal before a special occasion.

For deep relaxation, and detoxifying benefits your skin expert may direct you to our radiate & renew facial (featuring a rose quartz gua sha massage). This treatment will firm the skin, drain any build up of toxins, promote skin radiance and nurture your complexion. We include a gentle aha rejuvenate peel with this treatment to ensure your skin is left smooth, firm and rejuvenated. This treatment eases away tension and firms skin tissue. Perfect to smooth the skin and increase lymphatic drainage, it feels extra special and is suitable for all skin types.

organicspa nurturing facial treatments

Nature knows best

Skin is more complex than we are sometimes led to believe. One of our skin experts will prescribe the right treatment for you and the products you should use at home to support your skin between facials.

Opting for an organicspa Certified Organic facial treatment means you are not stressing your skin with unnecessary toxins, accelerated regeneration causing irritation and inflammation, and you don’t have to worry about the required ‘down time’ with some invasive modalities.

Find a partner salon near you and put your trust in the hands of our skin experts, and the power of nature. All organicspa facials will leave you relaxed, rechanged and re-centred allowing you to enjoy the indulgent and holistic care of a traditional yet specialised facial, and the fresh skin that follows.


Natalie O’Brien
Beauty Expert & Account Manager