The Waterless Beauty Trend

Why choose waterless skincare over conventional products that use water as the base of the formula? 

Well, there are many reasons. The most pressing one for me (and perhaps not what you would expect from a beauty expert) is that by 2025, over 1.8 billion people will be living with severe water scarcity. The other two-thirds of the world will be living with water restrictions. Water is crucial in maintaining life on Earth, and every effort should be made to conserve it. Let's not unnecessarily add it to products that are much more beneficial without the water. My second reason!

Did you know that most skincare products contain 80 to 95% water? While hair shampoos, body and face washes and skin tonics can contain as much as 97% water. So when we choose these products, we're paying good money for what is mostly water. Have you ever turned your product around to read the ingredient list on the back, only to notice the top ingredient listed is water? (Sometimes, they may call it H20 or Aqua.) Since the largest component is listed first and the smallest last, it's an easy way to quickly understand that the formula is diluted.

Why are people choosing waterless beauty products? 

It's simple. Waterless beauty products contain higher amounts of active ingredients that actually feed the skin, which also means you use less product. People are becoming savvy and more educated in their skincare choices. 

Water-based products, in fact, have the potential to breed bacteria requiring more synthetic preservatives. These preservatives are another added component to the formula that doesn't benefit your skin. And if we're looking at a product that's 95% water, plus a synthetic preservative, what's left?

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How is waterless skincare better for the planet? 

I've touched on it above, less water indicates a concentrated product which equals less required product and, in turn, less packaging. We've already discussed how this is better for the skin, but less packaging is also better for the environment. It means there's less in transit, and you don't have to order it as often, reducing the brand's overall carbon footprint.

With this all being said, I am not surprised that the Global Waterless Cosmetics Market size is expected to reach $16.4 billion by 2028. People are becoming more educated about what goes in and on our bodies. We know more about what ingredients are good for us. No one wants a watered-down product; let's focus on the good stuff!

So if we consider the environment and want better value and the best for our skin, waterless, sustainable, Certified Organic skincare is the obvious choice. At organicspa, we have been consciously producing skincare for over 15 years, with all the above in mind. We are also one of the only Australian waterless beauty brands that are Certified Organic. And not just our ingredients; our formulas are routinely audited so we can confidently ensure our partners that we continue to meet the highest organic standards.

We are a waterless beauty brand focusing on treading lightly and reducing our environmental impact. Wherever possible, we choose local not only to reduce carbon footprint but also to support Australian farming communities. All the Certified Organic ingredients we use, locally or from abroad, are grown naturally without toxic pesticides and fertilisers, lessening our footprint on the planet.

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Use less while getting more

If waterless beauty is all about using less for more, another way we can help is by choosing products that multitask. For example, a clay-based exfoliant can double up as a mask. Or a nourishing cream mask can also act as the perfect night treatment. What about the handbag-essential, blemish control? It can be used on ingrown hairs, insect bites and any irritations that might come up. If you want to know more about how you can take a minimalist approach to skincare without giving up any results, read our blog: How can Skinimalism Transform your Skin

By using less, we're choosing more for our skin and making better choices for the planet. Waterless formulas packed with nourishing and tested actives can be used without overdoing it, making them last longer. You control the amount of water you add; it doesn't need to be packed and delivered. We're proud to have been part of this trend years before it became one. With over 30 years of experience, our team of biochemists continue to formulate waterless skincare using Certified Organic actives proven to transform the skin.

When making choices for your skin and the planet, choosing waterless, local, Certified Organic skincare will undoubtedly be more than a start in the right direction.


Anna Mavroudis
Beauty Expert and Account Manager