How can Skinimalism transform your skin?

Skinimalism = Skin+minimalism!  Are we using too many products? Well, according to the 2021 Pinterest Predicts Report on Skinimalism, we are. They describe it as the stripping back of our skincare and makeup, favouring a more minimalist approach. We are moving towards a focus on sustainability, vegan, natural and Certified Organic components. Clean is Queen! People have become ingredient savvy, and they know what works and what is marketing jargon. Where more was best, less is now more.

The rise in irritated skin, rashes and compromised skin barriers due to overactive skincare has left us asking: are we overdoing active skincare? These overwhelming and overstimulating skin products can and often do harm the skin. A recent article in Spa & Clinic, Are We Overdoing Active Skincare?, referenced Corneotherapist Robyn McAlpine, who says that many of her clients are overdoing it unknowingly since so many skincare products now include exfoliating ingredients. 

Robyn McAlpine adds, “I often come across clients who are unknowingly resurfacing their skin several times a day due to a twice-daily regime consisting of an acid-based cleanser, BHA toner, AHA serum and a retinol resurfacing moisturiser. Once we remove these from daily use, skin suddenly is smoother than it ever was with regular exfoliating,” she concludes. 

A more holistic skincare approach is the way of the future, treating the skin as part of a whole system and understanding how it all interrelates. Clean air, clean water, clean food and clean skincare are what makes for the perfect healthy glow - from the inside out. Nourish and protect your skin with natural and organic ingredients. Choose cruelty-free and feel good about what you apply to your skin. Nobody should suffer, not animals, not you. Avoid harsh, stripping constituents like; parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances, chemicals or colours, which can be harmful to our skin and health. 

You don't need 17 products in your bathroom cabinet for optimum skin health. It’s all about hybrid/multitasking products, like a cleansing balm that also doubles up as a nourishing, healing massage medium or our face exfoliant that can also be left on for 10 minutes as a deep cleansing mask. Our beauty balms are primers, tints and provide sun and environmental protection, all in one! We are skiniminimalists. We have learnt to harness the natural abilities of Certified Organic ingredients without overdoing powerful actives.

Based in the inspired Hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia, we’re lucky to be surrounded by like-minded people and businesses who are also on a mission to reduce. Reduce in every meaning of the word. 

It's time we say goodbye to filters, photo-retouching of skin texture and let's embrace natural, clean skin of all textures, colours and ages. Show grace toward our natural face: embrace our “flaws”, our perfect imperfections. Choose products to best suit your skin, age and specific skin concerns. What are our primary concerns? Let's address them and still love our skin.


Anna Mavroudis.

Beauty Expert and Account Manager