How to find the perfect serum for you

Want to know how to choose a suitable serum for your skin? Learn which serums will deliver the right active ingredients to improve your natural skin condition.

So, what is a serum?

Serums act as skin boosters and carriers of active ingredients! 

What do serums do?

The right serum will deliver active ingredients to improve your natural skin condition. This is because they are more concentrated and penetrate deeply, providing fast results you will quickly notice.


What makes serums unique?

Ingredients to look out for in serums are as clean and natural as possible as these will be able to penetrate the skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients.


What you DON'T want in your serum

Many chemical ingredients, including preservatives, can be a potential toxin to the skin, cause skin sensitivity and can also form an occlusive film (pore-clogging).

Avoid serums that list water as the first ingredient on the label. This is a diluted product and will not provide long term benefits or have a high concentration of active ingredients to infuse into the skin.


What you DO want in your serum

In many of our products, we choose Certified Organic Aloe Vera as a base ingredient due to its affinity with the skin and benefits. Aloe Vera deeply moisturises and replenishes the skin. A powerhouse of vitamins, it has antiseptic properties, stimulates cell renewal and is anti-inflammatory. 

More of these, please! 

Here are some examples of the ideal ingredients you want to find in your serum:

Botanical vitamins such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, PGA (Polyglutamic Acid), antioxidants, Certified Organic plant oils, essential oils, algae, peptides, and Certified Organic natural plant extracts.

Serums have many different textures, ingredients and benefits. They can be water-based, cream-based, oil-based and can deliver results of hydration, brightening, calming, repairing, protecting, nourishing.

How to choose a suitable serum for you

The easiest way to select the best serum to suit you is to work out what your skin needs. 

Is it dry and lacking oil/sebum? A cream or oil-based serum will replenish your skin’s lack of sebaceous activity and nourish the skin.

Is your skin combination or oily? Then you may prefer a water-soluble serum as these will add moisture but not oil and penetrate into the skin quickly without feeling heavy.

Is your skin always changing? Your skin can feel different due to many factors; ageing, internal imbalances, the time of year, environment and nature etc. A change in circumstance or health will alter your serum choices. For example, you may require a more nourishing serum if you have just broken out with eczema or a repair serum if you have acne scarring. Some people will want a lighter textured serum in the summer and a richer one for the winter.

What works for me

I always use a serum, but my skin prefers a water-based product in the summer humidity, so I use the organicspa vitamin c serum or a.c.e serum. However, in the wintertime, I feel I need a richer texture. Therefore, my main objectives for the cooler months are to plump, reduce pigment and assist me looking more youthful, so I use wrinkle defencea.c.e serum and antioxidant face oil.

Tips for naturally better skin:

Apply your serum before your day/night products.

Some skin types or skin conditions will benefit from using a serum twice a day.

If your skin just needs a little boost once per day will be sufficient. 

You may choose a different serum in the morning to the one you use in the evening. For example, if you have concerns of dehydration and pigmentation, you may use the vitamin c serum in the morning and biohydra+ serum in the evening. 

I recommend you have your skin assessed with a trained skin therapist, and they will provide you with bespoke advice on treatments and products that will meet your natural skin objectives. You can find a skin specialist near you by checking our store map and stockist list.

Here are my top tips on organicspa serums for boosting and improving your skin:


Still dubious? 

If you’re still unsure, I recommend you choose our vitamin c serum as it has many benefits for all skin types, conditions and age groups. This booster targets hormonal pigment, breakouts and scarring plus it can be used to prevent damage by restoring natural skin health. It's ideal for sensitive skin and really works to brighten the complexion. 

Remember, serums are concentrated, so a few drops is all you need to get that glow.



Natalie O’ Brien.

Beauty Expert & Account Manager