Age less with Antarcticine

Ageing skin is something that catches up with all of us. As we age, the complexion can become dry and dull, fine lines appear, along with loss of elasticity and a weaker structure – our once youthful skin is now visibly different.

The good news is that with the right skincare (along with good lifestyles choices) we can repair some of this damage; improve skin firmness, reduce wrinkle depth and ensure your skin is more resilient. One ingredient we adore for its anti-ageing benefits is Antarcticine. Let us explore why this is a must have as part of your anti-ageing skincare regime.

Antarcticine, this Glycoprotein ingredient has been sourced from the Antarctic Sea and has the most amazing resilient cell structure. In the terms of restructuring and anti wrinkle skincare properties there are very few rivals!

The science behind this super ingredient is quite astounding.

Bacteria samples collected during a Spanish scientific expedition on King George Island, Antarctica in 1988 were tested and the protective function, ability to retain water is applied in cosmetics to regenerate and protect the skin. The discovery also concluded that the structure of this also could withstand extreme cold. So what does that mean for skincare today?

The benefits when used on the skin are considerable:

  • Prevents skin dryness by helping skin to retain water
  • Stimulates fibroblast adhesion and keratinocyte growth, regenerating tissues and enabling a faster healing of wounds
  • Increases collagen and elastin, resulting in a restructured skin and a reduction in wrinkles
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes
  • Capacity to protect and rejuvenate the skin exposed to severe cold conditions. These cryoprotective properties hold a restructuring effect, that protects the skin against dryness and erythema due to cold weather conditions

Your complexion will always benefit from a holistic approach to care. For a skin that is dry, wanting to smooth lines and regenerate skin, our recommendations would include;

  • Eating a balanced diet full of wholefoods as much as possible – minimising the amount of additives and preservatives.
  • Include essential fatty acids and omegas in your foods – think fish, nuts, avocado.
  • Choose food and/or supplements that are rich in antioxidants – berries and dark chocolate – no hardship there!
  • Drink 2 litres of water daily and protect your skin from the sun, always.

Use skincare that is Certified Organic, chemical free, caring and nourishing.

Add organicspa’s Wrinkle Defence into your regime for optimum anti-ageing results. Apply daily under your moisturiser. This breakthrough concentrated formula containing Antarcticine is an intensively nourishing, anti-ageing cream-based serum. It works hard to reduce wrinkle depth, regenerate and plump skin.  Now, who doesn’t want to age a little less!

Natalie O’ Brien.

Beauty Expert and Account Manager