Ageing gracefully with diet, wellbeing and organic skincare

As we age it is natural to notice changes our body is going through – on the outside and in.  The ageing process affects all our organs, tissues and cells.  Ageing is a complicated process which varies as to how it affects different people. Those who study ageing (gerontologists) generally agree that ageing is due to the interaction of many lifelong influences. Among others, these influences include genetics, environment, culture, diet, exercise and leisure and past illnesses.  When it comes to changes in the skin, ageing is perhaps the most visible or the earliest to spot.  Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, dullness, pigmentation are all visible signs of ageing.

The body is complex and every cell needs many things to function at it best, perhaps more so, as we age. Clean air, fresh water, a balanced diet, sunlight (but not too much), exercise/movement, positive thoughts all contribute to the healthy function of your body and skin. 

Here we explore ways to support your skin to ensure healthy and graceful ageing.


Breathe Clean Air and Minimise Toxins

Toxins are everywhere, in the air, our food, often the products that we use on our skin, and in many items within our homes, so minimising them is key.  We are all aware that time spent with nature has a multitude of benefits.  While ultimately the best opportunity to breathe clean air is getting outdoors, there are other ways to improve your air quality. 

The simplest way to purify the air you breathe at home is with indoor plants.  Some varieties will clean the air better than others, but the good news is they also look great and many don’t require much from you in return! 

Additionally, keep the air clear with the use of organic, chemical free home care and cleaning products, try diffusing essential oils such as Tea Tree, Rosemary and Eucalyptus to reduce airborne bacteria, burn beeswax candles or use a salt lamp.  


Drink Clean water

Drink filtered water and aim for 2-3 litres per day. We are all actually made up of around 70% water. so it is so important we keep hydrated, Summer and Winter. Water is important for every part of your body; saliva production, regulating body temperature, joint lubrication and movement, elimination of toxins, digestion, absorption of nutrients, weight loss, circulation, immunity, energy, cognitive function, mood, prevention of dehydration and of course anti-ageing.   Phew! 

Drinking water will help improve the texture of the skin and optimise cell turnover. Some of the signs of ageing can be delayed through adequate water intake. After all, hydration is responsible for skin smoothness and elasticity. But when the complexion is dehydrated, elasticity and suppleness are decreased, leading to more visible fine lines and wrinkles.


“Let food be thy medicine”

Nature is brimming with all the food we need. Eating seasonally is recommended for slowing down the ageing process, by supporting our body’s natural healing processes, in Spring there is an abundance of vibrant leafy green vegetables that help to detoxify our bodies after Winter. Winter produces citrus fruits, that are particularly high in Vitamin C – important for our body’s immune system and cell regeneration. Summer we require salad vegetables such as cucumbers to help cool us down and hydrating juicy fruits with extra beta-carotenes to help protect us against sun damage.  Tomatoes, papaya, watermelon also contain lycopene – a wonderful plant nutrient responsible for the bright red colour of these fruits and also their ability to help protect and reverse the effects of the sun.  A Mediterranean diet is not only delicious but highly beneficial in the Summer months.

Exercise Daily 

Regular, physical activity such as moderate walking can increase life expectancy by several years and high intensity activity will strengthen your heart and may trim your waist.  Exercise releases endorphins that help us feel good and keep mental health in check.  Importantly, a daily power-walk around the block will also help with circulation, the supply of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system. Remember if you do have a sensitive skin and suffer from rosacea or eczema you will want to maintain a lower core temperature.  Think about exercising early or late in the day when temperatures are lower so as to not inflame or irritate the skin.  Or you may opt for choices like pilates that can improve circulation without raising your core temperature.   

Get your beauty sleep

There is a good reason why we are readily told to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night…it is critical to our overall well being.  In fact there is scientific proof in the notion of beauty sleep.  Without sufficient sleep your skin will age quicker, regenerate more slowly and will not recover as well from environmental stresses from the day (such as pollution and sunlight).  During sleep, your skin’s blood flow increases, and the organ rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure, reducing wrinkles and age spots – hence why we all look much healthier, fresher (and younger) after a good night’s sleep.  Ensuring you get your share of shut-eye each night will help not only make you feel brighter, but also look brighter for the day, and years, ahead.  Like we needed an excuse for an early night!

Choose Clean Cosmetics

During the day we require protection from the elements, sun, pollution and moisture loss. Choose clean, vitamin-rich products like organicspa’s  Certified Organic range for optimum anti-ageing clean skincare. 

During the day, consider the use of Wrinkle Defence to actively target fine lines, thanks to powerhouse ingredient Antarcticine (helping to retain moisture, regenerate tissue and reduces wrinkle depth). 

Choosing Pro Renewal as your daytime moisturiser will further lock in moisture, while strengthening the complexion.  Finally our lightly tinted BB Cream (containing natural sun filters from zinc) is a must for daily protection. 

At night time, never skip your skincare routine.  The use of skincare products packed with nutrients, will assist the repair process at night. 

ACE Serum offers a powerful blend of antioxidants helps to prevent premature ageing, revitalises skin and leaves it with a glowing luminosity. ACE serum also contains Vigna Aconitifolia extract or “Vita A like” and this helps deliver the age-defying benefits of botanical Vitamin A and is extremely stimulating for collagen and elastin.

While our award-winning Biohydra+ Serum will give your skin a hydration boost necessary for cellular repair and reduction in signs of ageing (thanks to PGA and Hyaluronic Acid) .  

Our eyes are particularly susceptible to ageing as they produce no oil and with that have incredibly delicate skin.  The use of an eye product, day and night, will help keep this fragile area stay hydrated and nourished.  


Your skincare should be as pure as your diet, to ensure that your complexion receives maximum nutrients for rejuvenation, both from the inside and out. 

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Anna Mavroudis.

Beauty Expert and Account Manager