Are You Plant Biased?

Oxygen, freshly laid soil, dew on grass, plant life! These are just some of my favourite things, and they're all vital for our existence. As you know, we create plant-based formulas for the skin. But, you may not know that I love boasting about the results Certified Organic and natural ingredients can deliver. And this is all made possible by the power of plants.

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What do plants do?

Plant life is essential for humans as plant cells are our vital building blocks. This goes beyond enjoying our latest pot plant purchase as we weave through the 21st century, with technology often at the forefront.

Plants are autotrophs, which means they produce their own food. They use the function of photosynthesis to transform water, sunlight and carbon dioxide into oxygen and simple sugars that the plant uses for fuel.

 Why are plants so important and unique?

  • Plants are considered a critical resource because of the many ways they support life on Earth.
  • Plants maintain the atmosphere.
  • Plants provide us with our fundamental needs such as food, shelter and medicine. 
  • Green plants produce the primary food for all organisms.
  • They release oxygen into the atmosphere, absorb carbon dioxide, provide habitat and food for wildlife and humans.

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Plants in the Press

In a Better Homes and Garden article, they shared some tips on what plants help purify the air, and they pointed out one of our favoured plants, Aloe Vera, as an effective air purifier. Not only does it deliver all the anti-inflammatory and hydration properties we usually boast about, but according to NASA's Clean Air Study, it will also help remove harmful toxins from the air, like formaldehyde. 

This article also names Devil's Ivy (or Pothos Epipremnum aureum) as an indoor plant you can grow and keep without too much effort or attention And, without your tireless affection, the plant thrives and fights off the usual toxins found in a home. Plus, people love the contrasting greens found on each leaf that spiral down from a beautiful hanging basket. Struggled to keep your houseplants green? Well, Better Homes and Gardens thinks this plant is harder to kill than keep alive.

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How do we use plants?

Aesthetically lush and abundant in benefits, each part of our beloved plants can be used for its healing properties. Some examples are:

  • Leaves – essential oils can be extracted through steam distillation from particular plant leaves, e.g. Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil.
  • Roots – Sandalwood, Cedarwood.
  • Flowers – Sunflower Seeds - a fantastic source of Vitamin E.
  • Nuts – Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil.
  • Fruit – Olive and Orange Oil, pressed from fruit pulp.
  • Seed - Rosehip is pressed from the fruit and seeds of the plant.
  • Beans – PGA (Polyglutamic Acid) is extracted from a fermented soya bean.

I recommend choosing potent plant formulations for the ultimate results in skin therapy. Selecting an organicspa booster, such as a serum, is a great way to provide fast results and start delivering a high concentration of potent plant actives into your skincare regime. 

Our organicsceuticals collection is organicspa's organic solution to cosmeceuticals, offering enhanced therapeutic benefits through potent formulas for demanding skins. 

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lactic gel cleanser, cleansing balm, enzyme microexfoliant, a.c.e serumbiohydra + serumantioxidant face oil, eye treat, pro renewal, night renewal make up our organicsceuticals collection.

Becoming familiar with skincare product labelling will assist you in choosing products with plants and natural extracts in the top ½ of the ingredient list - meaning these are not overloaded or filled with chemicals, water, synthetic colours, fillers or chemical preservatives.

There are so many uses for plants; it's endless! 

Food in all its forms. Ointments and tinctures were used in ancient times and continue to be practised in modern-day medicine. 

We also use plants for aesthetic purposes, shelter, clothing, trade, paper, pesticides, renewable fuels, wood to keep us warm in these cooler months and more.

Mother Nature has provided our Earth with all the vital nutrients and building blocks to provide a sustainable environment.

Quite simply, life without plants is not possible.

Plant biased? 100% yes!

Natalie O’Brien
Beauty Expert & Account Manager