Overcoming maskne

Did you know maskne (mask acne) is an actual skin condition?

Maskne is due to clogged pores from wearing protective face masks throughout the day. The mask traps your breath, creating humidity within a covered space. It can cause sweating, irritation and other conditions like rosacea, folliculitis or contact dermatitis.

With our skin cells turning over every day, it's crucial we keep the face mask area clean. The skin's surface is prone to bacteria, not only from the airborne bacteria but also from touching our face - even more so now that we need to take our masks on and off multiple times throughout the day.

We're exposed to all sorts of nasties like free radicals. Some masks are even pretreated with chemicals. And don't forget, the detergents we use to wash our reusable masks aren't made with the natural ingredients we care for our skin with, and they can aggravate the skin. All this and the consistent rubbing of your mask on your skin can irritate the skin. This results in what so many are complaining about; maskne.

It's important to wear a mask, but it's just as important to keep up a healthy, thorough skincare routine whilst wearing them.

Here at organicspa, we have a wide variety of skincare that suits everyone. Even the most sensitive, reactive skin conditions.

Ideally, we need to naturally care for our skin in the morning when we wake and in the evening before bed. At both times, we need to remove impurities and prepare and protect the skin from environmental stresses or the build-up of oils while we sleep.

Let's target maskne.

I highly recommend these care routines for your skin if you want to overcome maskne with natural skincare.

Daily Cleanse:

  • cream cleanser: calming, soothing, removing makeup or dirt. Our most popular cleanser works with our botanical BHA source, Certified Organic Willow Bark Extract, to improve and resurface skin texture.
  • lactic gel cleanser: our treatment cleanser. It helps reduce acne and incorporates AHAs made from our unique complex of fruit acids.
  • toning mist: PH balancing, soothing, calming, antibacterial and astringent. You can't overdo it with our energising toning mist, which is also perfect for a middle of the day pick-me-up.

Targeted Results:

  • blemish control: calms and repairs the skin. Complete with Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil, it's the ultimate spot treatment and a product you want to keep on hand for those surprise breakouts.
  • vitamin c serum: brighten, calm and repair the skin. If maskne is exacerbating your already inflamed skin, this natural serum can help. Our formula uses Black Cohosh Root Extract, an active ingredient famous for preventing spots and balancing hormonal breakouts.
  • day moisture: a favourite hydrating product that soothes redness and protects the skin from environmental stresses. Enriched with Vitamin E, sustainably sourced from Sunflower Seeds, it promotes cell renewal aiming to reduce redness and any acne scarring. 


  • enzyme microexfoliant: a fine exfoliant powder that gently removes dead skin cells, encouraging skin cell renewal. This unique formula contains a naturally sourced BHA, Salicylic Acid, to help brighten and refine skin.
  • clay mask: purifies, detoxifies and deeply cleanses the skin. Perfect for your weekly mask at home, it includes Kaolin Clay which is packed with trace minerals that soothe the skin and help improve texture and colour. Plus, it also has Certified Organic Green Tea Extract, a powerful antioxidant used in this formula to help reduce the impact of environmental damage on the skin.

In-Salon Treatment

  • Treat yourself and visit one of your local organicspa stockists for the multi detox clay treatment.
  • The aha rejuvenate peel is also suitable, depending on skin condition. Ask one of our experienced organicspa stockists which treatment is best for you. They love finding the perfect and bespoke skin solution.


    Preventive steps to help reduce maskne:

    • Choose a suitable medical grade mask
    • Please responsibly dispose of your mask and replace it with a new one after each use 
    • Wash reusable masks after every use with a non-irritant detergent 
    • Remove your mask every few hours to allow your skin to breath
    • Apply moisturiser before using your mask
    • Clean your face regularly
    • If the irritation gets worse, please see a doctor 

    Care for your skin with natural products that deliver the results you're after. No matter your skin health, natural treatments and products can help you achieve an improved skin condition. Complement our Certified Organic skincare range with a healthy lifestyle, and you will never search for age-defying products again.

    Julie Burns.
    Beauty Expert and Account Manager