Perfecting your summer body care

We care for our face every day, but our body tends to be neglected. Then, come summer, we can feel the effects of the temperature change. The skin on our body becomes drier, flakier and lacks lustre.

During the transition to summer, we must take extra care and spend a little more time loving our bodies and getting our legs ready for those summer dresses and linen shorts.

The organicspa body salt scrub polishes the skin to perfection with its unique infusion of Pink Himalayan Salt, Coffee Seed and blend of nourishing oils. The application process improves circulation while effectively removing dead skin cells leaving the skin soft, supple and hydrated. 

Ingredient spotlight:

  • Pink Himalayan Salt - the granules slough away the dead skin cells and provide antibacterial properties which refresh the skin.
  • Coffee Seed particles - a natural antioxidant, helps release embedded dirt and dead skin cells, whilst soaking up oil to reveal brighter, smoother skin.
  • Coconut Oil - an excellent skin moisturiser as the emollient oil aids in carrying the ingredients to the depths of the skin. It is extracted from the dried inner flesh of the coconut and sustainably sourced from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

The body salt scrub can be easily applied and worked over the body (not the face) in your shower at home within minutes. Follow with your favourite organicspa moisturising body product.

We have three to choose from:

  • body butter is a luxurious thicker cream that deeply nourishes the skin by hydrating and plumping dry skin cells. Replenishing, nourishing and healing.
  • nourish oil is an opulent blend of oils that offer a deeply hydrating effect to the skin whilst leaving a light sheen to the skin surface. Skin superfood, rejuvenating and repairing.

Who else absolutely loves the body salt scrub as we do?
Julie Burns.
Beauty Expert and Account Manager