Beautiful skin starts with clean skin

Have you ever wondered why your skin can often feel dry, tight, look red, irritated and still not clean? This can often be the case for clients who have not used the correct cleanser and more often the correct cleansing method…..I know, how hard can it be?

Benefits of cleansing correctly:
Skin can breathe – remember it’s an organ and has amazing functions to perform. Skin can absorb your precious serum and/or moisturiser properly.
Skin can maintain the barrier function ( natural protective barrier ) and pH ( acid mantle for correct functioning ) if cleansing is gentle and correctly performed.
Skin will age less, eg. premature aging can occur due to skin being unbalanced, not absorbing active ingredients and become dull and dry and red if cleansing is too rough or incorrect.
Skin that is hydrated is healthier, plumper and more youthful…..dehydrated skin can turn into prematurely aged skin eg dehydration lines can turn into wrinkles.


Correct cleanser
Correct method of use
Correct removal method

Cream based cleansers are suitable for most skin types and conditions, especially dry, sensitised, mature and normal skin.
Foaming cleansers are suitable for oily/problem skin.
Exfoliating cleansers are suitable for most skins especially mature, pigmented, dull skin.


Organicspa Cream Cleanser.

Daily clarity.A rich fluid texture suitable for dry, dehydrated skin and sensitive skin.

Gently cleanses skin, dissolves makeup including eye makeup.

Contains nourishing avocado oil and soothing camomile.

½ pump is enough for the entire face and décolletage.

Remove with Cleansing cloth.

Organicspa Foam Cleanser.

Daily clarity.An oil free luxurious foam cleanser suits oily/problem skin

Dampen skin and pump a small amount over face – avoiding eyes.

Contains cooling and soothing aloe vera and antimicrobial lemon myrtle to clean skin and purify without stripping or drying out.

Remove with Cleansing cloth.


Organicspa Lactic Gel Cleanser.

Organicsceuticals.Lightweight liquid gel texture which refreshes, mildly exfoliates and brightens skin.

Contains lactic acid for gentle exfoliation, calendula for healing and moisturising and Seabuckthorn fruit to deliver antioxidants and vitamins.

Apply with fingertips and add a small amount of water to create a gentle foam to activate this renewing cleanser, leave on 1-2 minutes for optimum results.

Remove with Cleansing cloth


Organicspa NEW! Cleansing Cloth.

Pure, effective and gentle.

Cotton muslin for kindness to your skin.

Completes your cleansing process by wiping over face to remove cleansing products and ensure skin is left fresh and not stripped or irritated.

Quick drying and won’t grab bacteria like some face cloths can.

Machine washable, reusable.

What not to do….
Use soap or cleansing products not formulated for your skin type/condition.
Put face under stream of water under shower – can dilate fragile capillaries, cause redness and sensitivity and strip natural oils and moisture from skin plus this can and prematurely age skin.
Rub cleanser in harshly to the face.
Roughly dry face with towel.

What to do…
Choose a cleansing product formulated for your skin type/condition.
Apply a small amount of cleanser with fingers and gently massage into the face working upwards and outwards – by following our natural facial contours our skin is respected.
Add water if the instructions say so.
Remove gently using a facial cleansing cloth in upwards and outwards motion.
Double cleanse ( cleanse twice ) if wearing makeup to ensure you have removed makeup efficiently then the skin is cleansed.
Pat skin dry.

The difference?
Not that red, irritated, squeaky clean, tight feeling. After cleansing correctly your skin should be soft, smooth, clean and glow!

Natalie O’ Brien.

Beauty Expert & organicspa Account Manager