How to Get Dewy, Youthful Skin ~ Without Makeup!

When I think of youthful skin, a clean, clear and soft complexion comes to mind. That gorgeous dewy look with soft touches of natural pinks and peaches on the eyes, lips and cheeks, with just a touch of bronzer for that sun-kissed healthy glow. If you’ve seen makeup tutorials that create this look, you could be mistaken for thinking foundation, concealer, highlighter and blush is the only way to look like a glowing goddess. But remember, Instagram isn’t reality, and I’m pretty sure most of us aren’t walking around with a ring light projected onto our faces and a makeup artist on hand for touch-ups. As someone who is deeply passionate about living a natural, chemical-free (as much as possible) life, I can promise you that those glowy beautiful complexions can only be created if the canvas itself is glowy and beautiful to begin with (this is why models are required to have good skin!). If the canvas is already glowing to begin with, the products used on top will only enhance what’s already there. So what is the secret to creating a beautiful, glowing and youthful complexion without the layers of makeup and perfect lighting?

The answer is hydrated, healthy, chemical-free skin. If you think about it, unless the makeup artist is using organic makeup, those Instagram drool-worthy dewy looks are in reality, layers of parabens, phthalates, PEG compounds, lead, formaldehyde (a human carcinogen) and butylated compounds (endocrine disruptors) – not the ‘healthy’ look you thought was really going on. According to this article by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners titled ‘Hormone Disruption and Breast Development’, exposure to endocrine disruptors at a young age (like those found in conventional makeup) can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer later in life

A particularly extensive literature supports the hypothesis that early developmental exposures to EDCs including (but not limited to) diethylstilbestrol, bisphenol A, phthalates, atrazine and other pesticides and herbicides, and heavy metals including cadmium can increase risk for later development of breast cancer.

If you want to create a dewy, youthful complexion and maintain a dewy youthful complexion when the makeup comes off, skincare needs to be a priority. Unfortunately, the use of conventional chemical-laden makeup products can lead to breakouts, rashes and dull, dry skin. Professional models who frequently have layers of commercial makeup applied are also regularly visiting beauty therapists for treatments to deeply cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate their skin. Treatments like these can be expensive and often the products used in beauty spas aren’t even organic. I remember once I paid big money to have a deluxe facial at one of Sydney’s top beauty spas in Bondi. After I left I remember looking at my skin in a bathroom mirror thinking it looked incredible. I knew the therapist had applied a layer of tinted SPF moisturiser after the treatment and I actually went back to ask if I could purchase it because it made my skin literally glow – it was the soft, dewy, youthful complexion I adored. The therapist was so happy and went out the back to get the bottle so I could buy it. I handed over $80 (yes – $80 for tinted sunscreen) and after I left I read the ingredients. This high-end product was loaded with parabens, carcinogens and PEG compounds. I felt sick, mostly because my skin was the most absorbent right then since all my pores had been opened from the steam and hot towels used to soften it during the treatment. Suffice it to say, I never went back.

When I was searching for a range of products that were not only organic, but with high quality formulas that nourished and protected the skin, I didn’t actually think I would find one. Let me assure you though – it does exist! The organicspa range has provided me with skincare that is of the highest quality but also heals the skin, so with each application I am repeating a process that leads to natural, youthful and dewy skin without the need to put anything on it.

My absolute go-to favourite product is the Beauty Balm, I use this instead of foundation every single day. Beauty Balm by organicspa is a lightweight, creamy balm that blends beautifully and offers a gorgeous, natural tint to the skin which can be layered and set with setting powder for a full coverage look. It is enriched with Vitamin C and key organic extracts that are designed to promote skin rejuvenation so that your canvas (your face!) can be youthful and dewy without makeup. The key to a gorgeous dewy base is hydration, and the Beauty Balm hydrates while also acting as the perfect alternative to foundation. The colour Fair is also perfect for my skin tone and leaves my skin protected instead of vulnerable to chemicals and nasty compounds. Just like foundation, you can apply the Beauty Balm with a beauty blender, a brush or your fingers. A small amount also goes a long way and I rarely if ever reapply throughout the day, so I’m actually saving money while giving my skin a top quality product. If you’re after a dewy, youthful complexion, rethink the idea that it can only be achieved with makeup. If there is one thing I have learnt through my journey of living a healthier, natural life, it’s that there’s always an alternative to conventional and chemical-laden beauty products. I have also found that often, the alternative healthier product ends up becoming my most adored product.