Bio-Hydra Moisture Infusion. The ultimate weapon for summer skin hydration.

With the beautiful Summer weather upon us, does your skin long for some pampering. Picnics, parties, beach strolls, exotic foods, lots of sun, salt & heat are what summer is all about. Preparing the skin for the loss of hydration means adding to your routine a treatment specifically formulated to revitalise, replenish & repair in order to maintain your summertime beauty. Your skin-saving mantra must be “hydrate and protect”.

Today, we had a chat with Julie, one of organicspa’s Beauty experts about her favourite organicspa treatment to get your skin glowing in this holiday season.

I’m loving the organicspa BioHydra Mask… The fleece is made from wood pulp & soaked with Hyaluronic Acid derived from corn/maze which helps lock in moisture promotes collagen & elastin production. The Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry acts as an anti-inflammatory offering a high source of antioxidants to the skin. This is part of organicspa Bio-Hydra Moisture Infusion, a 45 min. performance treatment that will leave your skin plump, smooth, hydrated & glowing.

I also recommend incorporating BioHydra+ Serum into your skincare regime at home to keep your skin moisturised, replenished , full of nutrients & protected from the free radicals.

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Julie Briggs

Beauty Expert & Organicspa Account Manager