Commitment, the secret to beautiful skin.

People always comment on how beautiful my skin looks. The secret to beautiful skin is…… Commitment!


To look after your skin from a younger age will reflect as you age. We are all born with baby soft skin. I always teach this to the younger therapists, in your 20’s is the skin that you were born with, in your 30’s is your real skin, & in your 40’s, you will have the skin that you work for.

What do I mean? 

The earlier that you start looking after your skin, you will slow the chronological ageing process of the skin. So when you are in your 40’s, your skin will look like you are in your 30’s.
Cleaning your skin twice a day will remove dirt, pollution and make up. Your skin will be open to adsorb the beautiful ingredients that you find in your serums and moisturisers. Also treating your skin to some “me time” once a week with an exfoliant and a mask works wonders on your skin. If you are time poor do it while you are doing the house chores.

Beautiful skin is a commitment!

Clients normally say “I do not have time”. You need to create time by creating a habit. We have all been programmed from a young age that we need to brush our teeth twice a day, you need to apply the same concept when looking after your skin. We only get one chance and it is going to be with us the rest of our lives!
Using products that have been designed to target specific concerns is always a plus. Starting with anti- ageing products from an early age is also very important. There is no point starting to use anti-aging products when the lines are there, the key is always to be ahead of the game and start before they appear in the skin.

My Experience with Organicspa:

I started working in the beauty industry in my mid to late 20 ‘s and I have always used anti-ageing products. My colleagues use to say that I was crazy and too young!
With OrganicSpa, I have discovered the Wrinkle Defence…. My secret weapon to anti-ageing! This product has a specific ingredient called Antarcticine, that has a glycol protein that will stop the sugar docking into the collagen fibres and breaking them down, resulting with the loss of collagen and elastin on the skin. The Antarcticine will also stimulate the production of collagen type I an IV. Botanical Vita-A-Like, which acts like vitamin A on the skin is also used as part of the main ingredient in this product. This will give your skin a firm, tight and lifting effect. Like a stocking effect on the skin! Pigmentation and texture are also targeted with this product.

Our face is our business card and is what everyone sees, we need to look after it. Seek professional advice from qualified beauty therapists as we can recommend products accordingly to your own specific concern that is not going to break the bank. Not all skins are alike!

Commitment = Beautiful Skin!

Lupe’ Garios
Beauty Expert & organicspa Account Manager