Nourish oil … A Superfood for your Skin

Nourish oil is like no other oil… It’s a Superfood for your skin! Skin Superfoods contain a high level of nutrients that help with healing, cell repair & well-being.

With so many wonderful ingredients like Rosehip oil, Coconut oil, Chia Seed oil, Argan oil & Pracaxi Seed oil, my skin will is getting all it’s essential fatty acids, antioxidants & multi-vitamins from one product.

My Favourite Superfood Ingredients found in Nourish Oil.

~ Pracaxi ~ Pracaxi seed oil has been used for generations for treatment of skin spots, depigmentation, severe acne and acne scars, it helps to hydrate & promote cellular renewal. It’s a powerful antiseptic & also helps in the prevention of stretch marks.Useful in treating dry & tired skin, to avoid wrinkles & pigmentation marks by speeding up the healing process.

~ Rosehip ~ It is a huge multivitamin for the skin, containing essential fatty acids that help prevent the signs of ageing & provide excellent results in the treatment of stretch marks, burns, sunburn, scarring, pigmentation and helps with the lubrication & healing of stretching the skin in pregnancy, etc.

~ Chia Seed ~ Significantly increases skin hydration, reduces trans-epidermal water loss & increases skin barrier function even in the driest skin. A rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids & Alpha Lipoic Acid – a powerful antioxidant that helps to minimize fine lines, wrinkles & enlarged pores.

I’m loving using this to rehydrate and nourish my dry summer skin. It makes the perfect tan extender. Apply on semi-moist skin after the shower to help skin maintain that “summer glow” longer. I use it as a nourishing body oil, soothing scalp/hair treatment and I love adding it to my face moisturiser for a hydrating/nourishing infusion. It’s helped relieve any skin irritations and helps heal scars. Last but certainly not least, it makes the perfect gift for pregnant women for the prevention of stretch marks.

Nourish oil really is a must for everyone who loves feeding their skin with goodness!

Anna Mavroudis
Beauty Expert & organicspa Account Manager