Nourish yourself from inside & out with Mayde Tea

We would like to introduce you Kate Dalton, the Founder of Mayde Tea. 
Kate is a qualified Naturopath and herbalist who has incorporated her knowledge and her passion into her artisan herbal tea products. We absolutely fell in love with her Tea Collection & we are very excited to announce that Serenity Tea will be part of Organicspa Love Yourself Gift Pack this February.

Could you tell us a little bit about your wonderful business, Mayde Tea?

Mayde Tea is my herbal tea company based out of Byron Bay. I believe deeply that nature provides the best resources to bring the body back to optimum health, and so I follow this ethos in all of my offerings including our herbal tea range and naturopathy consultations.
All Mayde Tea products contain only 100% organic ingredients, free from artificial colours and flavours, and specifically created in harmony with your body and the environment. This means that the ingredients have been naturally grown, locally sourced where possible, and grown with love and care, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Each ingredient has been chosen on taste, as well as by the therapeutic properties of the herb.

Serenity Tea is a beautifully soothing & nourishing floral blend, made with chamomile, rose, lavender & passionflower. What do you love most about this Blend? 

The Serenity blend is definitely a favourite of mine, and that’s because the herbs work on both the digestive and nervous systems. It is so important to nourish both of these, because if one is out of balance, it’s likely the other will be.

What makes this tea the perfect choice to help with nourishing the skin?

Your skin is truly the window into your inner health. If you are stressed, your digestion is not working, and you have terrible sleep patterns, chances are this will show on your skin. Nourishing your body with herbal medicine can have massive benefits including supporting and toning the adrenals, healing the digestive system and nourishing the nervous system. Serenity has herbs that we use in naturopathy for healing all of these systems, which will then reflect on the health of the skin.

At Organicspa, we believe that nature not only nurtures but holds the power to thriving radiant, youthful skin. That is why we have chosen to use organic ingredients in our skincare. Why do you choose to use organic ingredients and do you have any professional advice about using organic products in your daily life?

Tea crops are one of the most heavily sprayed in conventional farming. Organically grown means it has been produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides or any other unnatural chemicals. Organic produce (including tea) is important as these chemicals have been found to affect all systems of the body including immune, endocrine, nervous and digestive. I am very aware that buying everything organic is expensive! So it’s good to know the produce that are the ‘non-negotiables’ to buy as organic- this being tomatoes, spinach, apples and peaches. Bananas, oranges, avocados and pineapples are examples of the produce that are known to have the least amount of pesticide residue when grown conventionally.
Your skin looks beautiful, could you share with us some of your tips for healthy & glowing skin?

Thank you! About 10 years ago you would have not said that- I had the most terrible acne! I guess my ‘secret’ is my diet and lifestyle? I eat well and move my body daily. I manage my stress and work on having a good work/life balance! I think that’s all there is to thank. I don’t have an excessive skincare routine although I do use a good quality cleanser and moisturiser. I had really bad digestion in my late teens, and since then everything has improved including my skin! There are of course many reasons why people might suffer with acne and other skin problems such as hormone imbalances etc, so it’s good to get to the root cause of it and treat it that way, as well as nourish it with a natural skin care such as Organic Spa skincare range!

Which one is your favourite Organicspa product?

I absolutely love the cream cleanser. It’s so great for the days I do wear makeup and need to remove it, and it never leaves my skin feeling like i’ve stripped my beneficial and natural oils away. I love that it’s 100% naturally derived, I think that’s so important in something that’s going on your skin!


About Serenity Mayde Tea.

Created with the perfect floral blend of soothing and nourishing herbs. Embrace the calming properties of lavender, with the comforting and digestive chamomile, and added vitamin and mineral powers of rose petals. Add some serenity to escape your busy day, or before retiring for a deliciously peaceful sleep.