Clean or Clear Beauty?

Skincare formulations don’t usually make it to mainstream media, but there has been a buzz in our industry lately as brands have been unmasked for making false claims about their formulas.

When you dive into the skincare industry, it can be confusing and, quite frankly, disheartening. This is especially true if you have an interest in ‘clean’ beauty. And it doesn’t help that there is little to no regulation around words like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’. Beyond this, though, there are sadly many claims, non-compliant labels, and wishy-washy marketing statements made in the skincare market that seek to actively mislead consumers. 

When organicspa launched 16 years ago it did so with two cornerstone beliefs that drive everything we do - ‘luxury can be provided through nature’ and products should abide by ‘truth within labelling’. This means that transparency is at the heart of everything we do and sits proudly alongside our commitment to genuine Certified Organic skincare formulations that work. Here, in Byron Bay, we formulate with purpose - just as nature intended. 

Independent skin consultant Jennifer Rudd of Skincare Social has recently been referencing a movement she calls ‘Clear beauty’. She is championing a move away from misleading information, ambiguous claims, and misinformation in the industry towards transparency (not just honesty or half truths), traceability, and making claims backed by evidence. Clear beauty — whether a movement or a buzzword — we are here for it!


Skincare is a complex science; the key to effective formulations is blending ingredients and products that work in harmony. We are lucky to have bio-chemists with decades of experience in working with natural and organic skincare. It's a labour of love for us. Beyond this you know that you can trust what is in our products. Each product within our collection has been accredited (meeting strict certification standards) to have a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. All other ingredients are naturally-derived. 

So it turns out we are not just clean beauty; we are clean and clear (beauty)!

In the coming months, we will be deep-diving into some of our products' ingredients to help you understand their origins, purpose and effect on the skin. Trust us, nature holds power to a thriving, nourished and radiant complexion.