Let’s talk about Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition. It is complex and can vary greatly in severity.

It's not uncommon to be battling this condition - in fact, it is said to affect more than 400 million people globally. If you are over 30, fair-skinned, and female, you are more prone. Typically, it worsens as you get older. It is complicated, and both heredity and environmental factors are the cause. So while you cannot eliminate the condition, it is valuable to understand the symptoms, triggers, and the best skin care to use (whether you suffer from it now or could do so in the future).

What does Rosacea look like?

Rosacea skin is highly sensitised. It can be very reactive, thin, fragile, and weak, often with signs of broken capillaries. The complexion is also highly vascular, flushing easily and prone to dryness and irritation.
Inflammation is often seen first on the cheeks and around the nose. It causes small bumps (sometimes pus-filled) and is red in tone as small blood vessels widen. It might look like sunburn initially, but instead of healing, it persists. There are four types of Rosacea and some may require a medical diagnosis and treatment

What are the Triggers?

While it is still unclear precisely what causes Rosacea, flare-ups are often triggered by environmental factors such as heat (or cold), sunlight, or wind if you have this skin condition. Equally, gut health and internal factors like diet (spicy food, sugar) and alcohol can cause it to flare. Some studies link Rosacea to IBS [irritable bowel syndrome], suggesting a healthy gut microbiome is key (and we already know how important gut flora is to skin health). Finally, emotional triggers or exercise can also cause redness. 

What are the best skincare products for Rosacea?

First up, keep it simple. Keep it clean. Choosing a genuine Certified Organic range means you are immediately choosing products without harsh chemicals. Bear in mind, too, that some hair and skin care products can cause Rosacea to flare up due to irritating ingredients.

The following are our top pics for a simple yet effective skincare regime for hypersensitive / Rosacea skin. But remember, it is always best to visit a salon to have a home care plan personalised and prescribed for your skin type and current condition.

cream cleanser - when using a cleanser, it's key to look for something gentle. Our cream cleanser is the ideal product for everyone prone to Rosacea. Certified Organic Chamomile Flower Extract and Certified Organic Rose Flower Oil are gently emulsifying daily impurities without stripping away essential oils. Opt for our cleansing balm if you have very dry skin.

toning mist - Infused with Cucumber Fruit Extract, this antioxidant mist will soothe and refresh dry, irritated skin. Carry it with you throughout the day for instant relief whenever your skin feels sensitive or rosacea-prone.

enzyme microexfoliant—exfoliating can be gentle! Our enzyme powder formula works naturally to eliminate skin impurities. First, it breaks down the proteins holding dead skin together and then effectively digests them, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

gel mask - This 95% Certified Organic formula will cool, calm, and replenish the skin. To really boost its calming effects, add three sprays of toning mist to your gel mask. This combination will help to reduce redness and strengthen the skin.

cream mask — If your skin is dehydrated or dry, use our cream mask. You can mix it with one pump of rosehip oil to further nourish a Rosecea complexion. 

vitamin c serumDesigned to be kind to Rosacea-prone skin, enriched with Black Cohosh Root Extract and Certified Organic Calendula Extract, it's your natural solution for balanced, radiant skin. If your skin is dryer and irritated, use rosehip oil instead.

Remember, you are not alone with Rosacea. You stand beside 400 million other people. And this month, we are choosing to shine a light on this condition as April is Rosacea Awareness Month globally. If you are prone to Rosacea flare-ups, speak to a skin specialist, take extra care of your gut health, and treat your skin with love, naturally!