Discover the décolletage treatment ritual

It's common to forget the neck and décolletage area, yet it's so important to care for this delicate skin. Thankfully our biochemists have developed a rich and active treatment oil packed with essential fatty acids formulated to help repair and fight the first signs of premature ageing;

Introducing the limited edition cellular repair treatment.

A profoundly replenishing oil specifically formulated to repair the décolletage and neck area. Based on the therapeutic strengths of Hemp Seed Oil and complete with active levels of IBR TCLC, a Tomato Extract that fights the signs of premature ageing. This limited edition treatment oil delivers carotenoids, antioxidants and Vitamins C and E. It’s anti-inflammatory, reduces pigmentation and stimulates collagen production.

Watch Sigourney Cantelo, Beauty Editor/Journalist and Founder of @beauticate demonstrate the cellular repair treatment and gua sha neck and décolletage massage ritual for home care.


This can be performed in 2-5mins. Adjust timing by adding or taking away the amount of reps for each movement. You can find 2 mins a day for this, and it is worth it!

Use a medium pressure and pace when scraping (the literal translation of gua sha is scraping) the gua sha over the skin. Adjust the amount of oil to ensure the stone glides freely - the drier the skin, the more oil. This should feel good.



Following ancient Chinese gua sha rituals we will perform each movement on the right hand side first, followed by the left.

Warm a generous amount of organicspa limited edition cellular repair treatment in your hands and apply to the front and back of the neck, and décolletage (make sure your hands are then dry as excess oil may cause you to slip or drop your crystal!)


STEP ONE: Jaw lift and drain – right hand side

Take the heart edge end of the crystal and rest perpendicular ( 90 degrees ) on the jawline - work from the centre of the jaw to the ear lobe and continue in a drainage technique past the ear to the neck/trapezius. Break contact and repeat. Perform 6 times in total (if time).

Repeat on the left hand side.

STEP TWO: Neck smooth & drain – right hand side

To smooth and drain work with the long indented side (concave) of the crystal in full contact on skin, moulding to the neck and move from the jawline to the collarbone (clavicle). Start on the right and move across the neck, then break contact and start another from the centre of the neck in a smoothing motion (avoid the windpipe/trachea). This is smoothing and great for lymphatic drainage. Perform 3 times in total.

You may need your supporting hand to rest on the clavicle and gently press
downwards to ensure you are not dragging or pulling when working you and down on the neck.

Repeat on the left hand side.


STEP THREE: Décolletage smoother 1 - right hand side

Working from the centre of the décolletage outwards with the long indented side (concave) for maximum contact on the skin, and with medium pressure glide the stone outwards toward the right armpit. Ensure you break contact after each movement. Perform 3 times in total.

Repeat on the left hand side.


STEP FOUR: Wrinkle smoother – (if there are any apparent lines)

Use the pointed end of the crystal and work along each line/wrinkle vertical or
horizontal on the décolletage in a gentle “erasing technique” whilst supporting and stretching each area with 2 fingers from the other hand. A great technique to bring the blood to the surface, smooth and plump lines and increase collagen


STEP FIVE: Décolletage smoother 2 - right hand side

Flip your gua sha to the other long side that is with the rounded long side of the
crystal (convex). Start in the centre of the décolletage and work upwards overlapping to cover the whole ½ of the right hand side of the décolletage from the top of the bust in a diagonal movement towards the armpit. Working to drain with a smoothing motion and crystal in full contact on skin, across from the top of the bust to the right armpit area.

You may need your supporting hand to rest just above the bust-line and gently press downwards to ensure you are not dragging or pulling when working up the décolletage. Perform 3 times.

Repeat on the left hand side.



In addition to this at-home ritual, visit your nearest organicspa stockist and ask for a professional gua sha massage and décolletage treatment. Add onto one of our signature facials treatments and let your skin specialist work their magic, organically.


This specialised treatment oil is available for a limited time.