Choosing natural and effective skincare facts

The words ‘organic, natural, plants, essential oils, botanical ingredients’ are all commonly found on skincare product labels.

What if I told you that due to legislation (or lack thereof) it is legal to use these terms to describe a product, regardless of what the product contains. Hear me out.

Imagine you come across a new product on-shelf that reads; ‘contains lavender essential oil’ or ‘natural botanicals’. This may lead you to think it’s got some great natural ingredients, will be gentle and effective on your skin and is possibly kind to the environment. In most cases, unfortunately, this can be misleading.

Companies often place a tiny % of something natural (or synthetic claiming to be natural) to help justify these claims, but will fill the remainder of your skincare product with:

  • Water (h2o, aqua)
  • Chemical preservatives (parabens)
  • Fillers to bulk it up (cheap and often toxic or potentially skin irritating)
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial fragrance
  • Synthetic ingredients
how to choose natural and effective skincare

For years many of us have been encouraged to read the labels of our food. We know more now about looking out for the % of sugar or sodium, how to identify additives, what serving size is recommended etc. But, for the most part, we are still taking for granted the marketer’s messaging when it comes to cosmetics. It’s time to become skincare ingredient savvy.

By distinguishing between myth and fact you can make educated choices around what you put on your skin (and, in turn, in your body).

Fact #1: You can only guarantee organic by choosing ‘Certified Organic’

When a company states their products have ‘Certified Organic’ ingredients this is your guarantee of quality and truth. This guarantees you that plant material and other raw materials have been naturally grown and ethically processed, without the use of pesticides and synthetic chemicals. These products and processes are verified by independent bodies, such as ACO. Only then can a product call itself Certified Organic and carry the logo of certification.

Let’s compare two product scenarios;

Product 1 has a label reading “made with organic ingredients”. Great! You now know it has some pure and chemical free ingredients. However a closer look reveals there are also chemical preservatives (parabens), water (h2o, aqua), fillers, artificial colour and fragrance. Also. I recommend you interrogate this further for true clarity on what you are actually buying.

Product 2 has label reading ‘certified organic’ or ‘contains xxxx’ and is accompanied by a certification badge. You read the ingredient list on the bottle and find there is no water, chemical preservatives fillers to bulk it up, artificial colours or fragrances, synthetic ingredients.

Instead ingredients are natural and grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Such as; Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Essential Oils, Kakadu Plum, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, or Rose Flower Oil.

Which has organic integrity?

Fact #2:  If your product label leads with water, you are buying a diluted product

Labelling on skincare lists the highest volume ingredient at the top and goes down to the lowest.

If your product list starts with water and chemicals then this is the bulk of the product and you are paying for this. It is therefore diluted, and most likely full of irritants and toxic ingredients. This also means you will need to use more of the product when you dispense it and will go through it quickly.

My preference is to choose a natural and Certified Organic product that is pure, concentrated, better value for money and will provide my skin with a long-term benefit due the quality and concentration of active ingredients.

Fact #3:  Luxurious and effective skincare can be achieved through nature

Our lab has been formulating natural and organic skincare for more than forty years. In this time our biochemists have refined processes and gained a reputation for being a leader in non-chemical cosmetics. As such, we are at the forefront of new research, have early access to new ingredients and actives regularly, and combine this with our experience and passion to blend luxurious skincare that delivers optimum results. At organicspa we believe wholeheartedly that nature holds the power to radiant skin.

"We noticed an immediate improvement in her pigmentation.” - Dianna, Beauty Therapist at @soulfullyskin

At organicspa our most potent products make up the “organicsceuticals” collection. This collection boasts the highest percentages of plant extracts and provides fast results. Helping you achieve your skin aspirations, naturally.

lactic gel cleanser

A brightening and renewing gel cleanser that luxuriously cleanses the skin whilst promoting a more healthy, purified and balanced complexion. Use daily or 3-4 times a week.

Lactic Acid derived from biological fermented grains, is the largest molecule out of all AHAs targeting the epidermal layers making it super hydrating and will help treat pigment and mature skin.


organicspa skincare lactic gel cleanser

active brightening serum

Suitable for most skin types and conditions, this silky serum delivers a potent blend of Vitamin C, Tomato Fruit Extract + Hyaluronic Acid. It brightens skin and reduces pigmented areas, is plumping and maintains the skin’s hydration levels. Ideal to delay environmental skin damage or repair any visible signs of this.

Clincal trials prove the impact that Tomato Fruit Extract has on the skin. This active has been shown to reduce melanin content by up to -22% and contribute to reduction in wrinkle volume by -33%!

antioxidant face oil

A luxurious blend of vitamins, omegas and natural fatty acids that are proven to reduce the visible signs of environmental skin ageing. A hero ingredient in this luxurious oil is plant-derived Bakuchiol - helping to provide the skin with essential ingredients to plump, firm, and even out skin tone.

In support of these claims, clinical trials (performed by REB Technology over a 12 week period) show significant improvement in lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and overall photo-damage, with no irritating effect. These results reinforce the reputation Bakuchiol has gained as a natural alternative to Retinol, and we love it!

organicspa antioxidant face oil

pro renewal cream

A daily, luxurious moisturiser for a more demanding skin. Essential for over 40’s wanting to reduce wrinkle depth, nourish, protect and firm skin tissue.

Calling out fucoreverse (an algae) in this product formula - a wonder ingredient to help maintain skin integrity and offer visible improvements. The results speak for themselves; in-vivo studies saw a decrease in depth of crow’s feet wrinkles by -9.1% on average, and a reduction in main wrinkles of up to -18.9%.

night renewal treatment

Your gentle mini ‘peel’ at home. A supercharged formula containing naturally derived Lactic Acid that will micro exfoliate the epidermis to reveal fresh, healthy skin. This AHA powerhouse is a game changer. Use one bottle at a time (instead of your night cream) and build on the application starting two times a week to smooth skin texture, reduce pigment and enhance skin luminosity.

enzyme microexfoliant

A twice weekly ritual that is granule free, super gentle, and ideal for a sensitive skin. Combined with water this papaya fruit enzyme rich powder transforms into an airy light paste/mousse and actively brightens the complexion. Perfect for all skin types especially dull, pigmented, congested and dry skin.

Papaya Fruit Extract has a keratolytic action, meaning it eliminates dead cells at the stratum corneum surface but does not affect healthy cells. Transformational!

eye treat

Your superfood for treating the delicate eye area. A beautiful cream texture enriched with Vitamin C, Lactic Acid and Rosehip Oil to reduce fine lines, nourish and brighten this area.

Fact #4:  It is possible to find a skincare range that is honest, genuinely organic, safe and effective.


Natalie O’Brien
Skin Expert & Account Manager