Get to know more about Refresh City Day Spa one of our amazing stockist.

If you are travelling to Cairns, it is really worth stopping by Refresh City Day Spa. Uplift your senses into a peaceful euphoria in their boutique sanctuary and book an organicspa treatment. We had a chance to ask Rebeka, the owner about her vision, favourite organicspa skin care products, and more!

Tell us a bit about Refresh City Day Spa.

Here at Refresh, were not your average bunch of spa therapists, nor do we have the average spa décor. When you step into Refresh you instantly notice the quiet calming music, the friendly faces and the funky decor. Refresh is also known for the staff we employ. All bringing something super special to the table, the girls all have a fabulous sense of humour and are extremely down to earth. Refresh clients always comment on how comfortable they are here, and how easy it is to be themselves and forget the real world outside.


What inspired you to open your salon?

Always having lived a healthy and organic lifestyle, I wanted a place that people with the same sort of mindset would trust and enjoy coming to. Refresh has a lot of this to offer, stocking only Australian made products and always organically based. The dream was to always have Refresh as a haven for people to come in, no matter how they feel, and leave comfortable, happy and utterly refreshed.

Why organicspa?

organicspa is loved up here in North Queensland, it is so suitable for our tropical weather, it’s not too heavy or strong, so it works well with our extreme humidity levels. It suits all ages with its vast range of options, and it not only provides a great salon treatment but is nice, easy and simple to use at home. The absolute best part about organicspa is it’s so priced affordable for such outstanding quality.

Tell us about your favourite organicspa treatment / product.

There is so many to choose from! But I would have to say, the Multi-Detox Clay Mask would have to be our winner. It has helped so many of our clients, not only with their visibly problematic skin but also problems within. We love that this mask can be used on all ages, from teenagers suffering from hormonal acne, to smokers trying to rid themselves of toxins. Using this mask in our ’75 Minute Organic Deluxe Performance Facial’ allows for a full deep cleanse, leading to great instantly visible results and very happy clients!

Share your organicspa Tips & Tricks.

Hmm, I’m sure there’s not one out there we all haven’t tried. organicspa, being such a versatile product can be used in so many nifty little ways to achieve the best results. (That’s why we love it so much!) But I would have to say our favourite and most commonly used ‘Trick’ is a simple one.  Massaging in a few pumps of Rosehip oil or even Facial massage oil into the skin before applying the Gel Mask, allowing it to deeply nourish and moisturise the skin. We and our clients love the supple feeling it leaves after the treatment. Our favourite ‘Tip’ (which we also use as a trick in the salon when we have a little extra time) is also a simple one, using the Face Exfoliant, doing a good nice amount of manually scrubbing to clean the skin, and then allowing the Exfoliant to sit on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes for the mask properties it provides also. This is one of our biggest pieces of homecare advice we give to people, as it gives them that extra bit to do to take care of their skin, whilst keeping it simple for them.

What is your advice for healthy and beautiful skin?

Keep it clean. Keep it hydrated. And that’s not just with your skincare. We think the best way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful is to pair a good skincare regime with a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and lots of H2O. The less toxins you put in, and the more pure product and food that go in, the better your skin will get out of it. 

What does Refresh City Day  Spa have planned for 2018?

Having been opened for 3 years, Refresh has worked its way up to a process that works well and keeps us on our toes. Just this year we made some big changes, so we are set for a while in that department. So, the plan is to keep it going, keep building ourselves up, keep getting the Refresh message out there, keep getting the organicspa message out there, and keep helping our clients achieve their goals.