OrganicSpa Jade Rollers Therapy

Jade History.

In the realm of crystal healing, jade is associated with protecting against negative energy and balancing your chi (or qi), your body’s energetic life force. According to Chinese medicine, any number of physical and mental symptoms, from anxiety to fatigue, to actual pain can indicate that your qi is out of whack. Practices like acupuncture and jade rolling can help remedy this.

Jade Benefits For The Skin.

There are many known physical benefits from jade rolling. By rolling the jade across your facial muscles, you can increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage, and diminish the appearance of fine lines. Like other methods of facial massage, it even helps your products penetrate more deeply into your skin.
Our facial muscles store a lot of tension. Excessive and long-term tension can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around our forehead and eyes. The jade roller can often help iron out these kinks so you’re not just immediately giving your skin a boost but also preventing wrinkles in the future. The cooling and soothing effect on the skin helps to invigorate the client’s mood, whilst the instant brightening from the stimulation of blood circulation will ensure clients see instant results on their skin.

Roll with organicspa.

At organicspa, we have been testing the jade rollers on our beauty experts and we have fallen in love with the fast acting results. We have integrated them into our high-performing Certified Organic Treatments as well as make your skin glow, and look healthy and relaxed.