Kakadu Plum Extract, thank you Mother Earth

We are in awe of Mother Earth.  She has created for us an abundance of botanicals with wonderful benefits to the skin.  Here at organicspa we champion these bioactive beauties and source the finest quality varieties. Results in skincare are paramount and gosh do we love that we can achieve effective, Certified Organic skincare with the fruits of the earth, literally.

Lets for a moment put a spotlight on a little humble fruit found deep in the heart of Aboriginal country – Kakadu Plum.

Jim Jim Waterfall, Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu Plum is a small, olive-sized Australian native. Sometimes known as Gubinge, Billygoat Plum or Murunga, the fruit is harvested by indigenous communities in Kimberleys in the Northern Territory. Considered a gift of the Dreamtime (the beginning of time in Aboriginal folklore), native Australians have used the Kakadu Plum for food, healing and traditional medicine for many thousands of years.  Including treating skin conditions.

An absolute powerhouse ingredient in skincare, a single plum contains more than 100 times the amount of Vitamin C of an orange, up to 7000 mg of Vitamin C per 100g of dry weight!

We all know that Vitamin C is wonderful for boosting immunity, but there are so many benefits of this superfood for both the body and the skin.

• Vitamin C encourages the skin to form proline: an amino acid that makes collagen and keeps skin firm and youthful. Yes please.

• It is the only collagen booster that is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants are critical because they neutralise the effects of free radicals, the damage caused by free radicals is accelerated (or premature) ageing of our cells, and importantly our skin cells.

• Skin radiance increases with Vitamin C and the appearance of hyper-pigmentation (age spots, darkened patches) is reduced.

These wonder plums are also comprised of two other antioxidants that are miracles for our skin; Gallic and Ellagic Acid. These ingredients are incredibly effective at reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity, while naturally soothing the skin, reducing redness and have added antibacterial benefits.

Adityamadhav83 via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) Tourism NT:Michael Costa

How to reap the benefits of Kakadu Plum

Within your diet include by eating the fresh fruit, in powder form in smoothies, soups and sauces or use in preserves or ice cream.

Choose chemical free, high quality, Certified Organic forms of skincare with Kakadu Plum that will provide not simply short-term benefits but long-term benefits to improve the appearance and texture of your skin and that promote optimum skin health.

Use regularly organicspa Pro Renewal Cream or A.C.E Serum (links) to provide powerful doses of Kakadu Plum to soothe the skin, smooth lines, promote collagen production and provide a more even complexion.

Introduce Kakadu Plum today to your skincare routine and see the benefits for yourself.  Thank you Mother Earth.


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