Defend against dehydrated skin

Everyone I have seen lately is dehydrated. You may not realise it, but we’re all pretty much dehydrated most of the time anyway, however at this time of year it’s particularly bad. Heat and humidity can play havoc on the skin.  Are you clear on the difference between dehydrated and dry skin?  Often the terms are used interchangeably but in a nutshell dryness refers to a skin type and dehydration is a skin condition or a temporary state.  You can therefore have a combination skin type or even an oily one and still be dehydrated.

Skin hydration therefore should be a focus for everyone.

A dehydrated skin will drink anything you put on it and you have to feed the skin with moisture repeatedly.  If you are dehydrated, which most of us are, you need to treat the hydration. If you pinch the skin on your cheek and it wrinkles instead of holding shape, your skin cells are desperate for water.  Consider too that dehydrated skin will feel tight, look dull and you may even notice more prominent wrinkles along with more exaggerated dark circles beneath your eyes. Dehydrated skin can also be red in appearance with lots of congestion and inflammation as the damaged barrier lets the moisture out but allows the irritants to slip through.

The current climate – with higher temperatures and humidity reaching the high 60s (or even 70s) in some parts of Australia – is aggravating for the skin.  Along with UV light and radiation, blue light (electronics), air pollution, tobacco smoke, stress and nutrition, as is well documented.

Given fine lines can often owe more to dehydration than ageing it is important to know what you can do to stay hydrated and ward off the effects of dehydration.  We recommend the following;

Get your beauty sleep.

Its ok to have the odd late night, but persistent sleep deprivation is known to be linked with immune deficiency and research has shown that sleep quality may also have significant impact on skin function and ageing.  During deep sleep your body enters repair mode and helps the skin regenerate.  This is why it is the best time to use serums.  Our recommendation for ultimate hydration, collagen production and repair – 8 hours of quality sleep and biohydra+serum or wrinkle defence.  Your skin will thank you.

Minimise the use of harsh soaps which are drying on the skin.

Instead opt for a nourishing, gentle and non-drying cleanser.  All of our cleansers are non-drying, choose the right one for your skin type and always remember to wash off with warm (not hot) water.

Add Hyaluronic Acid to your regime.

This miracle ingredient attracts and holds water.  Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in our skin, to prevent moisture from evaporating into the air, however the amount we hold will decrease as we get older, and therefore should be the foundation ingredient of any anti-aging skincare routine.   The best product choice – biohydra+ serum. This bottle of liquid gold contains not only Hyaluronic Acid but also PGA (derived from NATTO soy ferment) and three native berries.  This combination packs a powerful cocktail to help quench that thirsty, dehydrated skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is found in a number of organicspa products & treatments.

The biohydra+ serum is particularly wet, so it absorbs well and will immediately sooth any tightness without feeling heavy. Suitable for all skin types. This will be your new best friend.

Drink water and tone up.

It goes without saying that drinking water throughout the day is a must, 2L is a general rule of thumb, but there are also other ways to combat dehydration during the day – toning mist.  Easy to carry with you and a wonderful pick me up for dehydrated skin.  Unlike toners of days gone by that were harsh and drying, this alcohol free mist is a moisture treat for the skin.  Keep it in the fridge for a refreshing hit on hot days!

Eat well

Think a diet rich in omega fatty acids to help keep cell membranes strong from the inside out. Omegas act to build up your natural skin barrier to keep your complexion healthy, hydrated and plump.  Find these in fish, flaxseeds, walnuts, brussel sprouts and avocado.

Finally, moisturize – day and night, no question.

Using any of organicspa’s moisturisers will help to prevent moisture loss acting as a barrier for your skin. For extra protection, Beauty Balm Cream will help protect against UV light while it gives your skin a natural, healthy complexion.

Anna Mavroudis

organicspa Beauty Expert