Optimising your Summer skincare routine

With Summer now firmly here, our skin is likely to need a little extra attention.  In our part of the world, Summer also coincides with holiday season, travel plans and of course the recent festive and New Year celebrations.  Now is the perfect time to review your skincare routine and make adjustments and build new habits for the coming year.


Facials are often seen as a luxury but it is a valuable component to a healthy glow

A series of organicspa peels will help replenish the skin and exfoliate away those tired and dry skin cells, more apparent from the cooler months of Winter. The gentle but deep exfoliation process helps pigmentation, skin tone, scaring, stimulates collagen production & helps reverse the signs of ageing. Our AHA peeling (followed by a nourishing mask) is the perfect professional treatment to kick start a Summer glow. Liken this to starting with a blank canvas & then building a masterpiece with the use of organicspa products at home.


Maintaining your daily home-care routine is a must

The basics of cleanse, tone and moisturise still largely rings true, but there is more to consider for an optimal skincare routine.  Remember too, sequence matters, as one product layers to another, building blocks for the ultimate benefit to your skin.  Talk to your skin specialist about the right combination of products for you.

Double cleansing morning & night is crucial. The first cleanse will loosen & breakdown make up, excess oils, dirt & pollution. The second application of a cleanser is crucial as a treatment cleanse. Depending on your type of cleanser it will target specific needs e.g. cream cleanser will not only clean your skin in the first cleanse but the second cleanse will leave it hydrated, nourished, soft & supple.

Our organicspa toning mist is a wonderful addition to your skincare during Summer as it offers a fresh and energising spritz, with extracts to help hydrate, nourish, calm and revitalise the skin.

organicspa’s range of repair & rejuvenate products take your skincare routine to the next level.  These products are nutrient-dense and highly active – the real muscle to any skincare routine.  In the Summer months it might be time to rethink your choice of product here to ensure you are getting maximum benefit for your environmental and lifestyle conditions.  Serums and treatment creams have a small molecular structure and will penetrate your skin more easily to help neutralise the damage from environmental pollutants, treat dehydration and combat the skin’s many signs of ageing (depending on your chosen product). Talk to your specialist for tailored advice.

Follow through with a nourishing moisturiser and targeted eye creamyour skin will love you for giving it consistent and tailored daily care over the Summer holidays.


Weekly rituals will enhance your skin’s condition 

Summer in Australia usually means we spend time enjoying the outdoors. Spending time in the sun & water. Our skin does suffer with these elements, leaving us dehydrated & the skin’s surface a little rough & dry.  As such, it is important use a good quality exfoliating product once or twice a week. organicspa face exfoliant is specially formulated with Argan Shell & Rice Bran particles to gently slough off the tired skin cells.

Our enzyme microexfoliant is a new favourite product in the organicsceuticals range.  Containing Rice Powder, Kaolin & Papaya, this smooth exfoliator will digest dead proteins as it glides across the skin.  To enhance your skincare resurfacing, make into a paste & apply to the skin for ten minutes before working in further with a circular motion and rinsing with warm water.


Travel companions 

To ensure we don’t get complacent with our skincare routine during holiday periods, organicspa have compiled our favourites into face and body packs to help you keep up your skincare routine on the move. There are two face packs to suit all skin types.  The 30gm size is perfect to take on the plane, or smaller travel bags. Explore our packs here.

Wishing you healthy, nourished and glowing skin for the coming year (and beyond!)

Julie Briggs

Beauty Expert & Organicspa Account Manager