Meet the Natural Beauty Expert, Belinda Hughes.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Belinda Hughes, a professional Beauty Therapist, salon owner & editor of Natural Beauty Expert who is changing the face of healthy skin. She has extensive experience working with natural and organic products & using high-quality professional skincare only available to salons and spas. Drawing on her extensive experience of 10 years in natural beauty and day spas Belinda combines that experience with her passion for writing and training to educate the market and industry on what natural beauty means.

Belinda has partnered with organicspa for the last few years and she just moved to a new space in the heart of South Yarra.

Congratulations on the opening of your new space. What news do you have planned for this 2018? Thank you! This year we are continuing to expand. This new space gives us 2 treatment rooms and we will begin to hire staff to open up more treatments on our busy days, this will also allow for more of our popular packages plus friends coming in for treatments at the same time.

How did you get into natural beauty originally? What made you make the change to natural products?

I started in natural beauty! My first job in Kingston, Canberra was at a beauty salon with a natural focus while I was studying, so I’ve been doing this before it was cool. Because I was studying at the same time and learning about vitamins and antioxidants/free radicals I made the connection that if these antiaging products are full of chemicals which cause free radical damage, then how could it be effective? Nutrient/antioxidant dense skincare if far more effective to build healthy skin long term.

Can you tell us about your skincare routine?
I’m actually lazy skincare user. Our lives are so busy I make my routine easy and simple, but effective. I use an Organic Spa Cream Cleanser in the shower, followed by Organic Spa Vitamin C Serum and Intense Moisturiser. Because I use effective organic skincare, I don’t have to do anything elaborate. I have just started a course of skin needling with a nurse friend of mine to prepare myself for my wedding later this year, otherwise, I keep things pretty simple.

Why do you use and recommend organicspa?

It’s such a great product, it works, it doesn’t cost the earth and it ticks all the boxes for me and my clients. Being certified organic, professional, vegan and Australia Made is all amazing. My clients are pleasantly surprised by it and come back for it all the time.

Tell us about your favourite organicspa treatment/product.
My favourite treatment by far is the Multi-Detox mask. I get a lot of acne, irritated/compromised skin types in the clinic and that mask just calms everything down, it’s amazing! Even if the skin is too sensitive to exfoliate this mask just does it all! My favourite product is the Vitamin C Serum, I can hardly keep it on my shelves! It’s such a great all rounder for most skin types, my clients see a difference and love it!

You can read more about Belinda, her personal blog and where to book a professional organic facial treatment with her over at