Skin Day Spa, a haven in the heart of Melbourne.

Located bayside of Melbourne, St Kilda Skin Day Spa offers a sophisticated & relaxing spa experience in a modern, urban-designed salon. We had the pleasure to chat with Pauline, Skin Day Spa Owner, to find out her favourite organicspa products, treatments and what inspired her to start a business in 1997.

What inspired you to open a Day Spa?

I wanted to open a Day Spa based on Australian and raw ingredients, like natural salt scrubs and customised oil blends.  A spa for the senses with Aromatherapy, not Fragrances. Back then the skincare in Beauty Therapy was pretty much all European – fancy packaging, full of colours, toxins, additives and overpriced.

I saw that people were time poor and stress was a massive concern. I wanted an Urban Retreat where people could experience and delight in, that was down to earth and refreshing in its approach.

Describe a typical day at the spa?

Our day begins with tea making, candle lighting, setting up rooms, assessing appointments and therapist schedules.  Ensuring everything will run smoothly.

As the day fills even further, a lot of planning is involved to get things right. Than its handing therapists their schedules and client profiles so they have all they need to provide the best treatment and achieve real results.

There is such a beautiful vibe throughout the day. People coming in wanting to be here is an incredible feeling. Leaving even happier and transformed is why we love what we do so much. It’s feel-good stuff.

What can your clients expect from a Skin Day Spa experience?

A big welcome to begin with. We like to ensure clients feel comfortable and relaxed before treatment time begins. Herbal tea, water and a consult start the experience. Then follows the most amazing treatment we can perform. Advice on your skin going forward. Ensuring you have the tools to improve it further. Homecare is key.

Why Organic?

With the information that is available to us regarding toxins in skincare, we would be crazy not to.

What do you love the most about organicspa?

Ethical and affordable. No fancy packaging.

Favourite organicspa treatment?

AHA Rejuvenate Peel.

Top advice to maintain beautiful, healthy skin?

Always cleanse at night and apply a hard-working serum, its called beauty sleep for a reason.

What’s next for you and the Skin Day Spa team?


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