My top ten most essential skincare products

We all yearn for a complexion that radiates vitality, plumpness, and a captivating glow. Amidst a maze of overwhelming choices, it's crucial to find guidance from a trusted skincare professional who can help you reach your skin aspirations. As a professional skincare brand organicspa can help.

As an organicspa skincare expert, I have honed my collection of favourites that consistently deliver remarkable results. Although I adapt my skincare routine with the changing seasons, I rely on the following products as my most essential companions.

With a heritage rooted in Greek origins, my skin tends to be mature, sensitive, and slightly dry, making me more prone to hyperpigmentation. Let's delve into the organicspa formulas that have become the cornerstones of my regimen.

1. cream cleanser: The foundation of any effective skincare routine lies in selecting the right cleanser. This is where we bid adieu to impurities, makeup, and environmental pollutants, all while safeguarding the delicate acid mantle. organicspa's cream cleanser effortlessly removes every trace of makeup, even the stubborn remnants around the eyes. Its gentle touch leaves the skin feeling velvety soft, hydrated, and immaculately clean. I've even found solace in utilising this cream cleanser as a body wash during periods when my skin craves additional moisture. Remember, cleansing should be a ritual performed both morning and night, with the nighttime routine holding particular importance. While I mostly rely on the cream cleanser, I will swap it for the lactic gel cleanser in the morning during the summer months.


Toning mist

2. toning mist: If you knew me, you'd know that I don’t leave home without my toning mist. This refreshing elixir has become my constant companion, accompanying me throughout the day, be it in air-conditioned environments or under the blazing sun at the beach. Its benefits extend beyond mere hydration, thanks to a generous infusion of protective antioxidants that shield against free radical damage. Incorporate this toning mist into your daily routine after cleansing to optimise the absorption and delivery of serums and boosters. 

3. enzyme microexfoliant: The quest for radiant skin demands regular exfoliation, to remove lifeless skin cells. Yet, do remember, that excessive or abrasive exfoliation can lead to undesirable consequences. This is precisely where organicspa's enzyme microexfoliant is a saviour. It refines pores, stimulates cell turnover for a smoother, plumper complexion, and is wonderfully effective at drawing out impurities. Harnessing the power of gentle enzymes, this delicious exfoliant illuminates uneven skin tone and delicately eliminates dead skin cells. Remarkably, it achieves all this while remaining gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types, including those prone to rosacea. I love how this leaves my skin looking and feeling especially when followed by your favourite mask, my pick - organicspa’s cream mask.


cream mask

4. cream mask: Rich and luxurious, the cream mask offers an array of benefits, from profound nourishment to soothing and repairing properties. In summer, I reserve this indulgent treat for once or twice a week, applying it after the enzyme microexfoliant. But during the winter months, I delight in incorporating it into my nightly routine, as it provides the much-needed nourishment for my winter-ravaged skin.

5. active brightening serum: When it comes to daytime serums, none have captured my heart quite like the active brightening serum. This silky, lightweight booster swiftly absorbs into the skin, and offers unparalleled luminosity. Its potent formula aids in reducing pigmentation, bolstered by the presence of antioxidants and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid - this one packs a punch.

6. eye treat: As I gracefully navigate my mid-50s, I seek an eye product that rises to the occasion. The eye treat does exactly that - visibly smoothing, firming, hydrating, and brightening the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Its transformative effects are evident, as I find fine lines gradually recede, leaving behind a soft and luminous eye area.


7. antioxidant oil: This luxurious oil, is a master of deep nourishment. Its active composition brims with essential omega fatty acids, golden algae, Bakuchiol (nature's alternative to retinol), and an array of other nourishing ingredients. My night-time routine is to follow cream cleanser and toning mist with a ritualistic massage with this antioxidant oil for 2-5 mins. The combined effects of this nutrient-rich oil and the accompanying massage enhance muscle tone, encourage lymphatic drainage, and improve circulation. As we slumber, our skin undergoes essential repair processes, making this indulgent oil a true ally in optimising the rejuvenation cycle.

8. pro renewal cream: No skincare regime is complete without a hydration product. pro renewal is a high-performance moisturiser that works tirelessly to defend the skin from pollution throughout the day, all while hydrating, rejuvenating, and repairing. Packed with powerhouse ingredients, notably: Celery Stem Cell Extract, Sea Buckthorn, and moisture-locking Hyaluronic Acid, pro renewal cream is an intense and sophisticated product. Additionally, the inclusion of Moringa Seed Extract helps to counter the detrimental effects of blue light and free radicals, ensuring our skin remains beautifully resilient.


Beauty Balm

9. beauty balm: Our beauty balm is the ultimate all-in-one: tint, mineral makeup, environmental / sun protection and is long-lasting to keep me looking fresh and flawless. When mixed with my pro renewal it gives me that lightweight, dewy and natural look or neat and layered for a more full coverage. With added benefits of Willow Bark to prevent congestion and breakouts, it really is the perfect environmental protector and skin perfecter.

10. body butter: The quest for supple, velvety-smooth skin extends beyond the confines of our faces. Enter the body butter—a decadent blend of luxurious ingredients that envelop the body, leaving behind a silky canvas. I, for one, cannot fathom my daily routine without this essential companion. After each shower, I relish in the ritual of indulging my body with this sumptuous cream, and I assure you, once you experience its transformative touch, you'll never wish to part with it.

These are my top ten favourites. To achieve your skin aspirations, always consider your skin type, specific concerns, and existing conditions when selecting products. Additionally, I strongly advise consulting an organicspa skincare professional for tailored recommendations that suit your unique needs. Embrace the power of a personalised prescription and unlock the true potential of your skin. Visit one of our authorised skin experts today.