Choose our multi-tasking products for effective, no fuss organic beauty.

Short on time, but still want results from your skincare regime? You are not alone! 

Choosing the best products to provide you with that quick glow, deep cleanse or hydration boost shouldn’t take up longer than a few indulgent sips of your first caffeine hit for the day…

Selecting targeted skincare that meets your skin’s requirements plus have dual benefits or multi uses are saviours for us all, whether you are on holiday, rushing out the door or are just a low maintenance or no-fuss kind of person.

I have selected my top picks for you to take the guesswork out of your choices. Big on results, short on time and all using our Certified Organic Australian Skincare. All are carefully curated by our biochemists to deliver high quality actives into the skin, for fast results, caring not just for your skin but for our environment too.

beauty balm - in fair or medium shades 

  • a no-tox, clean makeup product with skincare benefits, including Vitamin C. Use directly after cleansing & toning mist on an oily skin. With all other skin types, layer over your serum/moisturiser. 
  • perfect as a light and natural tint to even out skin tone.
  • can be applied directly after facial waxing or any salon skin treatment.
  • for more coverage add a few layers for a medium coverage foundation look.
  • provides a long-lasting matte and pore refining glow.
  • perfect as a makeup primer by applying a layer under your favourite foundation to assist keeping makeup long lasting.
  • on dry skin or for more of a glow add a few drops of organicspa rosehip oil or antioxidant face oil to the beauty balm and blend. 
  • contains natural sun filters so if you are after light sun protection, that provides an even skin tone, we’ve got you covered. 

    rosehip oil

    • ideal  for irritated dry and sensitised skin, use all over the face or just target specific areas.
    • recommended during and post pregnancy on bust, tummy and anywhere on the body to delay or prevent stretch marks, provide nourishment and maintain skin elasticity.
    • a few drops make the perfect eye makeup remover.
    • use on scars, burns, eczema, rosacea, dry cuticles. 
    • mix a few drops with organicspa cream mask for a nurturing and nourishing boost, leave on overnight as an intense treatment or as a 10-15 minute mask. 
    • on dry skin or for more of a glow add a few drops of rosehip oil to organicspa beauty balm.
    • once you apply your makeup, if your skin feels a little dry, dull or tired, place a few drops of rosehip oil into your palms and warm up then press gently over your finished look for a glow. 
    • full of natural Vitamin A, C & E to deeply nourish and repair skin and reduce signs of skin aging.

      face exfoliant

      • use 2 x week as a quick skin polisher in the shower, massage a small amount added to wet fingertips into the face, neck and decolletage and remove with a cleansing cloth.
      • based on natural Kaolin Clay and microspheres of Rice Powder that will deep cleanse, purify and detoxify skin leaving a fresh, healthy glow.
      • doubles as a deep cleansing mask, apply as above and leave on up to 10 minutes. 
      • suitable for all skin types, however if you have a super sensitive skin, mix your face exfoliant with organicspa cream cleanser to provide a more luxurious, creamy exfoliating experience.
      • apply directly to ingrown hairs to assist unclog, purify, and calm.

      active brightening serum

      • the perfect combination of Hyaluronic Acid and stable Vitamin C - everyone needs these 2 powerhouse ingredients for plump, hydrated skin, collagen production and antioxidant protection.
      • recommended to use from a young age for delay and prevention of environmental skin aging. Also, to repair damage and protect the skin from further environmental aging.
      • great light yet silky texture suiting all skin types.
      • contains Tyrosine Inhibitors so perfect to reduce pigmentation and recommended post machinery and wound healing treatments. For example skin needling, microdermabrasion, salon peels.

        lactic gel cleanser

        • perfect for clients that don't exfoliate regularly as the 3% lactic acid gently revives the complexion and provides a gentle surface exfoliant, whilst deep cleansing the pores.
        • recommended for breakouts,acne and congested skin, pigmentation, thickened & dull skin.
        • can be used daily or every 2nd day by most skin types and conditions. Almost everyone can use this, however if you have very dry skin maybe just use 3-4 x week.
        • apply with wet fingertips and massage the cleanser in and leave on for 60 seconds before removing with a cleansing cloth to achieve best results.
          night renewal treatment
          • this gentle resurfacing boost is going to improve dull and pigmented skin, as well as uneven skin tone and post acne scars as it contains 4% Lactic Acid plus skin boosting Vitamins. It stimulates cell renewal as it micro exfoliates the epidermis. 
          • if you cannot visit a salon for skin resurfacing treatments, this is like a "mini peel".
          • use instead of night cream on a clean skin a few times a year as a course/booster or whenever you want to gently resurface and refine the skin texture.
          • build up the application by starting 2 x in the first week and add 1-2 applications per week until you build up to every night. Keep using it every night until you finish the bottle. Stop and go back to your regular night cream.

          pro renewal cream

          • luxury, regenerating multi-tasking moisturiser.
          • recommended for daily use for a skin that is showing signs of loss of elasticity, fine lines, pigmentation. 
          • key botanicals such as Celery Extract, Moringa Seeds and Fucoverse Algae work to decrease wrinkle depth, strengthen the skin and protect from free radical skin aging due to the environment. 
          • this moisturiser can be used daily over any organicspa serum for enhanced results.
          • if you are short on time or want a one step routine and are not using a serum, this treatment moisturiser packs a punch. 
            Want fast results? Choose our multi-tasking products for effective, no-fuss organic beauty.




            Natalie O’Brien

            Skin Expert & Account Manager