Essential Body Care in Australia's Harsh Climate

When you think of how much time we spend out in the sun, and how extreme our climate can be - it's insane that the general population tends to neglect the skin on their body.

Australia's harsh environment, intense sunlight, and high levels of UV radiation have significant effects on the body and skin. Here in Australia, we have the strongest UV radiation due to location and holes in the O-Zone .

Our environment can cause skin damage, including sun spots, premature ageing, pigmentation and the increased risk of skin cancer. This is especially evident in our sunnier climes. Those who live in the south, have to contend with the drying effects of the cold - this also will contribute to premature ageing, and other skin conditions. Both extremes, hot/humid, and cold/dry can cause a triggering of conditions such as xerosis (dry skin), eczema and rosacea.

Taking care of your skin and body is vital for maintaining good health. It can be a basic routine with minimum effort. Basic care is simple and involves a good diet as well as hydration from within, along with a body care routine.

To keep things simple most of your body skincare routine should take place during and after your daily showering or bathing.

Basic body care consists of:

1. Cleansing

Gentle daily cleansing with a pH-balanced, chemical-free body cleanser. If I am feeling particularly dry or my skin feels irritated, I will even use the organicspa cream cleanser as my all over body cleanser.


2. Exfoliation

Exfoliate one to two times weekly - this will not only remove dead skin cells to reveal softer smoother skin, but it will also help with circulation and your lymphatics. My favourite - organicspa body salt scrub, with Himalayan salts that contain 84 minerals, nourishing oils to repair, hydrate and soothe and coffee granules to invigorate and help reduce water retention. If these reasons are not enough to use the body salt scrub, it's also 100% safe to wash down the drain and into the ocean. Good for you and safe for the environment. And it smells absolutely divine.


3. Body oil

Perfect for cooler times, after sun and when our skin feels extra dry and irritated. The organicspa nourish oil is a superfood serum for the skin. It contains a multitude of oils, like Macadamia, Sunflower, Argan, and Chia Oil to nourish and repair the skin. I recommend you apply this directly to damp skin and massage gently before applying body butter. This oil also doubles as a wonderful hair treatment.

4. Body Butter

One thing I never skip, no matter what, is organicspa body butter, always after showering. It contains nourishing butters, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Use this luxurious, rich and fast-absorbing body butter all over, paying extra attention to elbows, knees, feet and heels. This leaves the skin, so perfectly soft and smooth.

body. butter

5. Hand Cream

Last but not least - our hands! Considering how much we use them and what they come in contact with, hand cream is the least we can do to show our appreciation. I like a hand cream that is non-greasy, yet has ingredients to help combat the effects of sun damage and dehydration. organicspa hand cream contains ingredients like Coconut Water to rehydrate and remineralise, Desert Rose for regeneration, Sea Buckthorn to repair and so much more.


Give your body some love by incorporating some (or all!) of these self-care rituals into your daily practice.


Anna Mavroudis
Beauty Expert and Account Manager