Secrets to achieve clear, bright skin

Healthy skin is not only a confidence boost, it also contributes to our overall well-being. So, let’s feel great and start focusing on our skin’s health.

To achieve a smooth, glowing, clear, and bright complexion, there are some simple ways to improve our skin’s health.

Let’s start with addressing our internal well-being, as nurturing our insides significantly influences the health and appearance of our skin.

Food – We all know by now, that we feel better with less processed food and more fresh, nutritious food options. The skin agrees as this is our organ that can really depict what is going on inside. If we are not eating enough vitamins, our complexion can appear sallow, dull, suffer breakouts and be weakened and damaged. For example, some people are very sensitive to processed fast foods, chocolate and alcohol, which can lead to more sensitive skin, breakouts and dull complexion. One useful guideline is the 80/20 rule, prioritising a diet rich in healthy and fresh foods 80% of the time and reserving the remaining 20% for little occasional treats.

Water – Ideally we should aim to drink 2-3 litres per day. However, this amount can vary depending on our lifestyle. If we consume a lot of caffeine, carbonated drinks or alcohol, or do a lot of sports, our body may require more fluids to stay hydrated. We naturally become dehydrated due to many lifestyle factors so drinking water is a non-negotiable every day. Hydration through water intake benefits not only our skin but also our internal organs, including our brain. Did you know that dehydrated skin is more susceptible to environmental damage, premature ageing, sensitivity and dullness? This is highlighting again the importance of hydration and drinking enough water throughout the day.

Chemicals & preservatives – It is crucial for our skin to limit internal intake and external application of harsh chemicals & preservatives. These substances can be toxic and cause skin irritation.They have the ability to disrupt the natural balance of healthy skin, leading to issues such as redness, dryness, and skin sensitivity. 

Medication – This is a balancing act. So if you must take medication, seek professional advice about what you can take to counteract the toxicity of the medication. Some medications are toxic to our liver, digestive system and skin microbiome, so taking a probiotic or prebiotic can relieve some of this, by maintaining our immune response and decreasing some common skin irritations.

Stress Stress significantly affects our skin. Our stress levels can evoke a trigger for skin breakouts, skin irritation, dryness and a lackluster complexion. By learning about your triggers and also about how to avoid some of them, your skin and our body will thank you. Some examples are learning how to meditate, practising controlled responses to stressors by counting to ten before reacting and learning proper breathing techniques. These methods are essential for maintaining a well-functioning nervous system and will help to relax more.

Practices you can do for a clear & bright skin

Facial massage

To boost blood and lymphatic circulation and achieve a radiant complexion, facial massages can make a significant difference.

If you have toxic skin  (dullness, breakouts, sallow looking), a lymphatic drainage massage will help to drain those toxins, clear bacteria and promote a healthier complexion. For your facial massage apply a facial oil and use  a gua sha to gently glide and massage your skin. Work with your facial contours and ensure you glide from the centre of your face to the hairline. Alternatively you can visit your local skin therapist for a professional facial massage.


Movement is effectively having a great impact on our skin. Have you realised that after doing your favourite exercise, whether this is a run, a walk, yoga, pilates or the gym, your skin generally looks and feels good?  After physical activities our skin might be flushed, and will look brighter and clearer as we have boosted all the skin’s functions and most importantly delivered freshly oxygenated blood to our skin cells. Results are a healthy and glowing skin. That’s why after some great exercise our makeup always sits better on our skin.

Exercise, whether it’s a massage or a workout, is crucial for our skin. Our lymphatic system is our waste removal or drainage system that eliminates fluid and toxins from our body. When we stimulate this system through exercise and or massage the system works much better. You will notice clearer skin, less puffiness and fluid retention and of course an overall better health.

ingredients that promote a more radiant & healthier complexion:

Vitamin C – a natural skin brightening Vitamin which also assists cell renewal & boosts our collagen production.

Vitamin A – a powerful antioxidant and anti ageing Vitamin. Assists with firming skin tissue, decreases wrinkle depth and strengthens skin.

Hyaluronic Acid & Polyglutamic Acid – both powerhouse humectants (draw water to the upper layers of skin and hold it there). Essential for a healthy, hydrated skin. Resulting in plump & glowing skin.

Berries and Vitamins – natural antioxidants, that assist skin functions, delay environmental damage and can also maintain an even skin tone.

Natural Clays - super fine powders like Kaolin & Bentonite gently smooth & detoxify the skin whilst being very calming and balancing. Will ensure skin is left deeply cleansed, brighter and calm.

Aha’s & Bha’s – natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Beta Hydroxy Acids refine skin texture, unblock clogged pores and ensure skin is not stripped or irritated. Will reveal a smoother, more even and radiant skin.

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Natalie O’Brien
Skin Expert & Account Manager