Are our eyes the window to our souls? They certainly display visual signs of what may be going on with our body eg fatigue, age, lack of sleep, poor health and more…. Our eyes are precious and they don’t contain the sebaceous activity (the naturally produced oil that lubricates our skin) that the rest of our face has and the thickness of our eye contour is only 0.5mm….versus skin on the soles of feet being around 4mm thick. So this information tells us we need to care for our eyes as the sebum/oil that the area lacks is responsible for maintaining nourishment and if the area isn’t nourished it will become dry and prematurely aged. The thinness of the area can also mean skin gets damaged quicker as we aren’t always gentle enough when cleansing or use correct products that respect the area.

Daily care for eyes should include:

~Gentle Cleansing ~ use a product that states it is for your eyes or recommended by your beauty/skin therapist. Organicspa Eye Cream, Eye Balm, Eye Gel, Eye Treat…

~Use sunglasses.

Salon treatments for eyes:

~Eye Treatments ~ these can be standalone treatments or added during your facial treatment.

~Massage during your facial ~ your therapist can include extra movements around the eye contour to encourage blood and lymph circulation which feeds the skin and drains puffiness/toxins.

<<TIP >> Organicspa Rosehip Oil mixed with Cream Mask is a luxurious blend for your Eye Care Massage medium. Help replenish and nourish eyes that need a boost. Can also be left on as a melt in mask to soften fine lines and refresh.

~Organicspa Eye’s Essential Care~

Pay attention to use light/medium pressure and never pull or drag eye area. Choose the product that suits better your skin needs or recommended by your beauty/skin therapist.

Organicspa Cream Cleanser ~ Use daily to cleanse the delicate eye area of makeup. The Avocado Oil is a fantastic nourishing ingredient to respect and hydrate the eye contour while the Chamomile is calming on the sensitive eye area. Dispense 1/4 pump onto fingertips and gently massage through lash line and over lids then remove with dampened cotton rounds until eye makeup is gone.

Organicspa Eye Gel
A refreshing cooling gel texture that works to reduce puffiness, stimulate circulation and refresh tired eyes. Enriched with Chamomile and Aloe Vera soothe, to refresh and reduce puffiness. Use morning and or evening.

Organicspa Eye Balm
A lightweight cream texture to use daily around eye contour to keep the skin hydrated and firm. Contains a blend of plants that assist with improving skin elasticity, cell turnover and nourishment. Use morning and or evening.

Organicspa Eye Treat
This ultimate ”treat” for your eyes will rejuvenate, strengthen, firm and repair the skin around the delicate eye contour. The supercharged ingredients include Vitamin C, Rosehip Oil, and a Cellular Energiser for increased elasticity. Use morning and or evening.

Natalie O’ Brien.

Beauty Expert & organicspa Account Manager