Ingredient Spotlight: Tomato Fruit Extract (IBR-TCLC)

This humble yet abundant fruit is often mistaken for a vegetable and is right at home in most kitchens. For me, it’s a staple Certified Organic ingredient (along with garlic, of course) in my weekly food shop. Tomatoes feature readily in my go-to meals, such as a beautiful rich Napoli pasta sauce or a classic Greek salad.

The nutritional benefits are tremendous as tomatoes contain vitamins (especially Vitamin C, E and essential Bs), minerals, carotenoids (antioxidants), and so much more. Often famed as a key ingredient in a Mediterranean Diet, tomatoes are anti-inflammatory, support cardiovascular health, help regulate blood sugar levels, support cellular regeneration, and the list goes on. With such a plethora of consumption benefits, it stands to reason that when used topically, the skin will thrive. 

 organicspa tomato fruit extract

Tomato Seed Extract is an aqueous serum and skinfood at its finest 

Tomato Fruit Extract ( IBR-TCLC ) is a skincare ingredient that packs a punch. Our biochemists have blended this hero ingredient in one of our latest formulations - organicsceuticals active brightening serum - and the results speak for themselves. This transformative boost and repair product is the perfect addition to your skincare routine if you are looking to; 

~ illuminate your complexion

~ maintain skin firmness

~ inhibit melanin synthesis for a more even skin tone

~ reduce the depth of wrinkles

~ prevent oxidative stress 

~ assist with the repair of a damaged or impaired skin barrier 

~ tone and protect the skin

tomato fruit extract 

Why is Tomato Fruit Extract so effective in addressing a range of skin concerns?

Tomato Fruit Extract is full of carotenoids such as Lycopene that absorb UV, are high in antioxidative properties and assist in preventing collagen deterioration. Carotenoids exist naturally in the environment to help offer protection from sun damage and environmental exposure, just as they do our skin. You won’t find a better source of Lycopene than tomatoes. In fact, the Lycopene from tomatoes is so high in protective antioxidants that it induces the body’s own protective mechanism against oxidative stress and inflammation, enhancing skin resilience and overall skin health. Whatsmore Tomato Fruit Extract is anti-inflammatory and balances the skin’s pH. 

In helping to reduce pigmentation and brighten the skin, the studies speak for themselves, showing that Tomato Fruit Extract can reduce melanin content by up to -22% and contribute to a reduction of wrinkle volume by -33%.

organicspa active brightening serum

When applying Tomato Fruit Extract through your skincare, you will see an immediate reduction in skin redness. Paired with its ability to absorb UV and prevent photo-oxidation, sunburn and collagen deterioration - this is the perfect ingredient to tackle our modern day aggressors.

We have used this potent active in our result-driven booster, organicsceuticals active brightening serum where our biochemists have blended it with a mix of complementary Certified Organic extracts. Apply this light and silky serum under your favourite moisturiser to reap the benefits.

Julie Burns.
Beauty Expert and Account Manager