Travel Skincare Tips from a Beauty Expert

There is nothing I love more than travel. I know I probably shouldn't admit it, but skincare and beauty come a very close second. So I'm excited to share with you my tips on maintaining the health of your skin when exploring new places.

I'm often asked if I take my entire skincare regime away with me when I travel. Well, I never take a holiday from skincare, so I always take some must-have skincare essentials. Today, I'll share how I do this without packing a separate suitcase for my beloved beauty products!

With everything opening up and international flights just around the corner (hooray!), we'll soon have the opportunity to pack our cosmetic bags and suitcases again. So what are the most important items for our travel skincare?

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No Matter the Destination

To simplify (and downsize) your skincare regime while travelling, at organicspa we have three ideal mini sets; vital minis, rich rituals and body basics. With these three, no matter where you're headed, you will have the necessities for skin and body care. Classically you would choose rich rituals for a more mature or dehydrated skin, and vital minis will provide essentials for other skin types and conditions. However, your product selection may need to vary depending on the climate, so I have gone into this in more detail below.

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Then there's my absolute must - organicspa toning mist! I always carry this with me even when I'm not travelling. No matter where I'm going or how I'm getting there, I like to keep this revitalising mist on hand and ready to revive and refresh myself and even those around me. So don't leave home without it.

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Modes of Transport

We know how dehydrating flights can be for the whole body and, in particular, our skin. Using toning mist before flying minimises dehydration and maximises my antioxidant supply during the flight. I don't only use this on my face; I also use it on my arms and any other exposed parts of my body.  

Another skin saviour when flying is preparing for travel with a long-haul flight mask. I love combining rosehip oil with cream mask or gel mask. Depending on how dry my skin is feeling, both are the perfect combination to lock in and nourish our skin while flying. So, before I board my flight, I mix a couple of drops of rosehip oil with a 10 cent piece of cream mask or gel mask and massage it into my cleansed face, neck and décolletage. This, finished with the toning mist, leaves my skin supple and hydrated throughout the flight.

These tips work for any transport where you find yourself in recycled air conditioning. So feel free to prepare in the same way when you embark on a train or bus journey.

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Travelling to Warmer Climates

Now for the destination travel regime. Of course, it all depends on my chosen getaway. I travel with a vital mini set containing all my face essentials when escaping to warmer weather. I love the gel mask in this pack; it's perfect for warmer destinations because it's so versatile. You can add it to your moisturiser when needing a lighter product which is especially good for a humid climate. gel mask contains calming and cooling extracts of Cucumber along with Certified Organic Chamomile and Finger Lime. We use native Finger Lime extract because it also includes an abundance of Vitamin C, which helps brighten and hydrate the complexion. This blend of Certified Organic extracts also creates a cooling and anti-inflammatory rescue relief for sunburn and irritations.

To these sets, I also add my must-have toning mist, vitamin c serum, beauty balm, body basics and a chemical-free sunscreen. You can swap out our vitamin c serum with the boost and support product that targets your primary skin concern (i.e. biohydra+ serum focusing on hydrating without pigmentation concerns - lucky you!) 

I like to keep my makeup minimal, just mascara to define my eyes and soothe balm on my lips. But if you want some extra coverage and you're applying foundation, you can use our BB creams (beauty balm medium or beauty balm fair) as a primer. This means you get to repair and protect your skin with botanical BHAs, Vitamin C and Certified Organic essential oils and extracts before applying foundation.

I'm such a fan of our organicspa body butter, yet I prefer the lighter option in warm and humid climates. The organicspa body moisturiser conveniently comes in the body basic travel set and is ideal for all skin types exposed to humidity and heat. 

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Skincare Routines for the Sun

Before striding out to a glorious sunny day, my morning routine starts with a cleanse, using cream cleanser, followed by toning mist, day moisture, and beauty balm mediumFor the body, I simply apply body moisturiser before applying a natural sunscreen.

Before bed, I create a night routine using the same travel mini packs, but I'll also add a serum. And yes, you can use day moisture as a night cream. It's complete with Vitamin E, Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Rose Flower Oil, and BHAs like Salicylic Acid, extracted from plants and helps prevent dreaded clogged pores.

If you're lucky enough to be away for a week or more, you'll need to exfoliate and treat yourself to a mask. You'll find the face exfoliant in the vital minis pack, along with the gel mask. 

The gel mask is also effective for sunburn or rash relief. Try keeping it in the fridge if you can.

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Travelling Minis For Cooler Climates

When travelling to a cooler climate, I choose the rich ritual set. Additionally, I bring rosehip oil, beauty balm medium and body basics and especially for transit, toning mist. You'll notice that this isn't a huge difference, and most dermatologists won't encourage too much change with the turning seasons. It's always best to consider your specific skin needs and goals.

So, my morning and night routines don't change when I'm in a cooler climate, but I simply swap out a couple of products for richer, more hydrating options. My main hydrate product changes from day moisture to moisture rich, and I use the cream mask instead of the gel mask. That's because when we're in cooler climates, we want to repair, protect and maintain natural barrier function, and if we've arrived from warmer weather, the sudden change can shock the skin.

Again, the night routine doesn't change much. I use moisture rich from the rich ritual set and rosehip oil underneath. Cold weather calls for extra nourishment, and layering rosehip oil delivers extra vitamins overnight.

Like our summer destination routine, if we're away long enough, we'll need our bi-weekly exfoliation and mask. After cleansing, I apply cream mask with 4 drops of rosehip oil if I'm feeling extra dry. You can also use this mask as an overnight treatment. 

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Cooler months demand richer products that contain higher amounts of lipids and actives. The cream mask is ideal as it contains high amounts of essential fatty acids to nourish and help repair dry winter skin. Perfect for a snow season or cool, windy city escapes. The formula includes Papaya Enzymes to stimulate cell turnover and collagen production. 

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So basically, all you need is the appropriate travel set, one for the face and one for the body, and a couple of additional products, and you're good to go! 

In summary, here's what I pack when adventuring with the sun:

For cooler climates, just swap out vital minis with rich rituals.

Stay hydrated, protected and looking the part, organically – naturally!


Anna Mavroudis
Beauty Expert and Account Manager