The Gift of Skincare

Have you ever wanted to share your love of Certified Organic skincare with a friend but weren’t sure what products would work best for them? 

Let us guide you in selecting the perfect orgnanicspa gift for your loved one based on their stage of life, lifestyle and skin aspirations.

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Hero Products for Teenagers  

Here, we primarily consider the many hormones playing havoc with their skin. We then combine that with lifestyle choices, for example, playing sports which brings excess sweating and more exposure to dirt and grime. Both of which can cause increased breakouts and congestion. Or, on the flip side of that, they may have started wearing makeup and now need guidance on how to keep skin clear and unclogged.

Plus, let’s not forget that they haven’t had to really care for their skin until now, and are becoming aware of the importance or benefits of doing so. So how can we help them maintain calm, hydrated and clear skin?

We need to choose a simple routine that’s easy to use and maintain. At the foundation of every routine is the correct cleanser. So, if your teenager in mind is prone to spots and shiny skin, I highly recommend our organicsceuticals lactic gel cleanser. The high levels of Lactic Acid, otherwise known as AHAs, help deliver a gentle cleanse that revitalises and helps remove excess oil whilst maintaining hydration levels in the skin. Another alternative would be our foam cleanser. A calming and gently purifying cleanser. Formulated with Lemon Myrtle for its antioxidants and antifungal properties, foam cleanser is perfect for oily skin types.

certified organic lactic gel cleanser

Finding the right hydration product is also essential for everyone, especially those battling overactive sebum production. You want something lightweight that moisturisers and mattifies while purifying the skin without leaving any residue.  organicspa moisture control will help anyone dealing with mild to moderate acne or oily skin by providing hydration while balancing the complexion. It's got Bentonite Clay to unclog pores; Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil is antibacterial and antiseptic; Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil will balance oil as it matches their skin's natural sebum.

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Gifting Mums

As mums, we tend to forget about ourselves. So it’s so important to remind all mums that self-care is important too! We can do this by gifting a staple part of every routine, a cleanser, or perhaps a more targeted boost & support product that can really add to their already established home-care practice. 

Regardless of skin type, fluctuations or skin aspirations, our organicspa cream cleanser delivers hydration and calms most complexions. Making it a perfect gift. We recommend a simple double cleanse, followed by a spritz of our hydrating organicspa toning mist. You can get this combo in our hydrating summer selection gift set. 

organicspa Certified Organic antioxidant face oil

If you’re looking for something that really stands out, something unique and in addition to their basic routine, consider the highly praised organicsceuticals antioxidant face oil. It comes in a beautiful glass dropper bottle, and the key active Bakuchiol is a natural non-irritating alternative to Retinol. It's a luxurious face oil that will deliver luminosity to the skin, ensuring your mum is glowing with gratitude.

Another great gift idea for a busy mum is one of our eye products. Who doesn’t love giving a little extra attention to the eye area? organicsceuticals eye treat is exactly as the name suggests, a real treat for the eyes. It nourishes and brightens the skin while also helping to reduce those fine lines and lighten any dark circles. 

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The Seasoned Skincare Enthusiast 

As we age, it is a natural progression to have a breakdown of collagen and elastin, and the lipid dries out. So we need to gift those seasoned skincare enthusiasts with nourishing and replenishing products that can address these specific skin concerns. 

The cleansing and toning ritual is a must, but we think your skincare enthusiast will probably have their staples. So instead, let’s gift them something extraordinary that delivers on their personal skin aspirations. I recommend reviewing our Boost & Support range. Here are some of my absolute favourites, ones I’ve gifted many times before and are perfect for a more mature, seasoned skin.

Firstly, I recommend organicsceuticals ace serum as it is our ultimate anti-ageing serum that incorporates the brightening of Vitamin C and Seabuckthorn, along with the hydration of Hyaluronic Acid. It also has a zesty citrus aroma, and you can feel it absorb quickly into your skin.

You can combine this with organicspa wrinkle defence, which you apply over the top of the serum. This product is incredibly hydrating, nourishing and repairing. It contains a specialised ingredient, Antarcticine®, a glyco-protein which is incredibly plumping and hydrating. 

organicspa Certified Organic travel minis

The Traveller 

As we reemerge from COVID lockdowns and borders open, we embark on our new normal and perhaps start seeing more people plan those exciting getaways. So if you want to gift a fellow traveller and help them maintain a healthy skincare routine while on the move, here’s what we’ve got to ensure those adventures are hydrated and nourished to perfection. 

These travel minis come in packs of 4 x 30g. Perfect to pop in your suitcase or overnight bag. 

vital mini
All your needs for a combination/normal skin. It’s an ensemble of favourites; cream cleanser, face exfoliant, gel mask and day moisture.

rich rituals

Contains minis of those nourishing and replenishing products: cream cleanser, face exfoliant, cream mask and moisture rich.

body basics

A great all-rounder for everyone, complete with a body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body moisturiser. 

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For Everyone

I'm so vigilant with using many different face care products that I often forget about pampering my body. Maybe it's that scenario of a builder who doesn't like to build for themselves? On the other hand, I may be a typical beauty therapist who gets so caught up with caring for everyone else that I forget to do it myself. No matter your intended giftee's skin aspirations or concerns, everyone needs nourishing body care products.

We have a gorgeous hydrate and refine body bundle containing organicspa body salt scrub, which sloughs off dry skin cells and promotes cell renewal. I love how soft and smooth my skin feels after using this. It’s the perfect step before applying the organicspa body butter, an opulent thick cream perfect for hydrating the driest skin. Plus, it includes everyone’s handbag favourite, there’s always one in my car, the organicspa hand cream. Yes, I know that the real lovers of hand creams are all the Nonnas and Grandmas out there, but why do we wait until we are older to look after our hands? This cream is the perfect gift idea for everyone. All these gorgeous products are presented in an organicspa tote bag, made from a 100% cotton canvas.

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Gifting skincare doesn’t have to be daunting, and you can always be comforted by the fact that a skincare gift will make a discernible difference to their skin and their mood. A gift-winning combination.